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Lemurian Viewpoint - Volume 1

Lemurian Viewpoint - Volume 1

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Our Prayers...Who Hears?...Who Answers?

The wide world over, endless petitions are addressed to the Allah... to the Great Unknown. No matter how limited we may be, or how advanced; no matter how selfish our desires or how enlightened the asking, people share the universal impulse to pray. But who hears these prayers? Who answers?

Failure...A Time-Honored Teacher

Why are there still so many of us who feel that failure is something to be ashamed of, to be avoided at all costs? Those who can realistically accept their mistakes and use them as beneficial stepping-stones are headed for success.

The True Measure of Success

How do you know if the goal you are striving for is what you really want, or need? How do you know if the kind of success you envision will be good for you? All of us need some means of determining whether or not the goals we want to achieve in life will be to our ultimate benefit.

The Greatest Promise Ever Made

The Kingdom of God on earth is a profound concept...a divine promise capable of human fulfillment. No more wonderful ideal has ever been offered to mankind. A dream? Perhaps to some, but a beautiful, uplifting possibility to those who sense the great potential still locked within the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere.