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Lemurian Viewpoint - Volume 2

Lemurian Viewpoint - Volume 2

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The Spiritual Side of Efficiency

There are many practical aspects of efficiency that can add significantly to a more ordered and tranquil life. But there’s more to this character trait...a spiritual side. People don’t usually think of efficiency as a divine attribute, but most assuredly it is.

Life...And the Urge to Escape It

The fact that we sometimes fall apart, let stress cause us to give up our goals, or need a break from our responsibilities now and then, is not so bad. But it is a problem when we get so used to ducking real issues that we are scarcely aware of what is going on.

The Driving Urge to Excel

The need for recognition, like the yearning to be loved and understood, is an underlying part of human nature common to us all. It is something God has carefully woven into the fabric of our being...

No Man is Sufficient Unto Himself

Without the help of God, of Christ, and of the Angels who so lovingly urge all humans toward spiritual perfection; without the help of the Masters, Adepts and Initiates; without the help of our fellow beings with whom we share a common destiny, human life on earth would hold little purpose.