Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

A Course For Greater Inner Peace

Do you ever find yourself unhappy, longing for change?

Our online course is designed to help you find and fulfill your purpose in life. Enjoy happiness with more of the success, health and prosperity God intended us to have.


Since 1936, the Lemurian Fellowship has attracted forward-thinking people around the world who long for a balanced, positive, meaningful way of living.

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    Enhance Your Life
    Help us transform our world.

    Is it your sincere desire to improve your own conditions in life and to help others build a new world based on universal spiritual principles? Ask for our brochure, Into the Sun, or submit the Enrollment Application. It could be the most life-changing choice you ever make.


    Discover how to use principles that can transform your life into one of purpose and beauty.

    This is part of the fulfillment of Christ’s prayer for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God here on earth.


    Our 2024 Easter Service Message

    This Easter Service message shows how we can bring more that is positive and good into our lives when we follow Christ's advice to "Seek and ye shall find," a key to improving ourselves and building a better world. For when we take steps to be finer human beings, we can be of greater service to others. View more

    My Lemurian Life

    I was raised with the Lemurian Philosophy from an early age. Its spiritual approach to fulfilling life’s purpose was a valuable guide for me through my childhood years, then as a teenager and college student, and, finally, today as a mother with her own children who read the Lemurian youth material. It gives my children and me a deeper understanding for how to use kindness, courage and Universal principles to tackle difficult challenges in a spiritually correct way and have a more positive outlook about life.

    Panel at the Conscious Life Expo 2023 (Part 1)

    The fascinating history of Lemuria’s Blue Messengers and the spiritually advanced life that citizens enjoyed on ancient Lemuria for 50,000 years are revealed in this talk. In the interesting Q&A that immediately follows in Part 2 of the video, discover more about what eventually happened to this great civilization, the importance of family life in that long ago time, the high regard, educational training and opportunities women enjoyed, and the value given to the proper education of girls and boys.

    Panel at the Conscious Life Expo 2023 (Part 2)

    This lively Q&A exchange covers many questions about life in Lemuria, the role of women, where Lemurians went and may be today, the Continent’s location and much more.

    The Lemurian Fellowship is a nondenominational, nonprofit religious corporation.

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