Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

The Training

How is the Lemurian Philosophy taught?
Through a distance-learning course in which Fellowship teachers work with each student individually through secure online correspondence or standard mail.

Does the Lemurian Fellowship conduct any classes?
No, we do not have classes. Ever since its inception, the Philosophy has been taught through the correspondence or distance-learning method of teaching and training. To have classes would be of little value to our worldwide student body, so the teaching staff confines itself to personal correspondence.

Is there a fee or tuition for the course?
There is a nominal tuition charged to cover printing costs and the expense of handling each student’s lesson work.

How do I seek enrollment as a Lemurian student?
Visit our Enrollment page by clicking here.

Is the Lemurian Philosophy available to everyone?
Yes. Qualified individuals of any background, religion, or creed may enroll with the Fellowship as long as they are at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit. Applicants must be able to read and write English, as the Philosophy is not available in other languages at the present time.

Will studying the Lemurian Philosophy upset my present beliefs?
Lemurian students often find themselves voluntarily relinquishing ideas and beliefs because they want to replace them with ones they feel will serve them better. The Fellowship assures students that they need not unwillingly surrender any concepts or beliefs in which they take comfort. Students are simply asked to hold these in abeyance until the basic truths of the Lemurian Philosophy have been given a chance to work in their lives and become meaningful and satisfying.

How does the Lemurian Philosophy compare to other teachings?
It has always been the Fellowship’s policy to avoid comparing the Lemurian Philosophy with the teachings and beliefs of others. All philosophies, religions and beliefs have their place in human affairs, and in one way or another, each contributes to man’s egoic unfoldment. Some are more reflective of universal truth, but who can say that any one is the only truth or path to spiritual development?

Throughout the course of our ongoing, we gravitate toward that which brings the greatest solace, comfort, inspiration, and spiritual upliftment, at one moment, clinging to cherished beliefs, and in the next, casting them aside to reach upward to grasp new ones. What may fill an urge to be universally secure today, may not do so tomorrow.

To set forth its purpose and precepts clearly and concisely is one of the Fellowship’s greatest responsibilities to the Lemurian Brotherhood and to those whose quest for truth has brought them to the threshold of the Lemurian Philosophy.

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