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Becoming a Member of the Lemurian Staff

We are often asked what is involved in becoming a staff member and are glad to provide this explanation. Staff life has many rewarding opportunities for individuals who are willing to work harmoniously with and learn from others in a peaceful, tranquil environment, yet with much to accomplish, and find happiness and satisfaction in fulfilling their life’s purpose. It is not required that you have any special prior skills, only a willingness to learn.

The applicant would want to have the qualities of character that would allow them to blend and cooperate with fellow staff members. They would also need a working understanding of the cosmic laws and principles that are the essence of the Lemurian Teachings, and real life experience using them. All of the above are essential to helping further the Great Work of the Lemurian Brotherhood.

Age too is a consideration for an individual applying to become a staff member. The minimum age is 21, with the upper age limit depending on circumstances. Additionally, they would have to be in reasonably good health. If there is a spouse or significant other who would also want to join the staff, they would need to qualify too. It can be helpful to know that even if staff membership is not possible due to age, health or personal circumstances, Lemurians can participate along with staff members as volunteers once they become members of the Lemurian Order, which is described below.

To become familiar with and have practice using the Lemurian Teachings, you would first need to complete the Basic Instruction. The training material is sent in booklet form and also online, and can be done in the convenience of your home at your own pace, with a minimum of four weeks spent with each lesson.

After you have satisfactorily concluded the Basic Instruction, the next step would be to apply for the Lemurian Advanced Training. This training gives you a deeper opportunity to use the teachings in everyday life and, again, is done from your home environment. Throughout the Advanced Training and the Basic Instruction you receive personalized feedback from your Lemurian Fellowship teachers that helps you with using the cosmic laws and principles you are learning about. The Advanced Training takes approximately two and a half to three years, again, depending on how your training progresses.

During the Advanced Training you are invited to have an interview at the Lemurian Fellowship’s headquarters and participate alongside staff members for a couple of days. At the satisfactory conclusion of this training you are then eligible for membership in the Lemurian Order, a prerequisite for all staff members. Once you are in the Lemurian Order you can apply to become a staff member.

If the thought of possibly becoming a member of the Lemurian Fellowship staff strikes a responsive chord in you we encourage you to begin by enrolling as a Lemurian student and beginning the Basic Instruction.

As your study progresses, and with the Fellowship’s guidance, this goal can come into clearer focus for you in determining if it is indeed a part of your life’s path.

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