Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.


The Cornerstone of the Lemurian Philosophy

Balance leads to great accomplishment and is essential to success in any pursuit.

In sports, balance is more important than size or strength, for it brings together strength, memory, practice, dexterity and fitness. It often means being part of a team that works together, not one star playing alone.

In business, practical learning steps such as basic bookkeeping, understanding income and expenses plus marketing, history and economics provide a foundation. Success in business becomes more assured when balanced with a knowledge of human nature, and respect for others.

Spiritual Balance

Many yearn to be better people, to be closer to God. Achieving this spiritual goal also requires balance.

None claim perfect balance, but all strive for it.

No matter their profession or walk of life, people of noble character stand out. Honest and slow to take offense, they are helpful and forgiving of friends and strangers alike. You can count on them. They inspire trust, a sense of confidence and have lasting friendships. As the goal of balance is combined with the practical steps taught in the Lemurian Philosophy, students open the way to developing a more noble character.

The Lemurian Fellowship is a California nonprofit religious corporation

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