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    Enrollment and Tuition Agreement

    1. Submitting this application and agreement indicates that you want to register as a student of the Lemurian Fellowship and enroll in its Basic Course of instruction and training in the Lemurian Philosophy.

    2. With this application please include $50 as your registration fee and payment for Lesson One. Registration and enrollment will be considered valid only when this application has been approved by the Lemurian Fellowship’s Board of Governors. You will be notified as soon as possible.

    3. After approval of this application you will receive the first lesson of the Lemurian Philosophy by mail and gain access to the lesson online. You are entitled to examine and study this lesson for 30 days on a guaranteed money-back basis. During this 30-day period, if you choose not to proceed with the instruction offered, you may request a refund of your $50 fee.

    4. Tuition for the Basic Course of instruction and training is $35 per lesson. Tuition payments are to be made upon completing a lesson and submitting answers to the questionnaire. Because the Lemurian Fellowship recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between the training it offers the student and the tuition it receives, full payment in advance for the entire course will not be accepted, and tuition is nonrefundable. If you have financial issues that may affect your tuition, please feel free to let us know and we will discuss options with you.

    5. Should you discontinue your study temporarily, you may do so for up to one year without jeopardizing your enrollment as a student.

    6. The Basic Course of instruction consists of lessons you work with. You learn to apply the principles explained, in your daily life and affairs. The course is conducted by correspondence, either online by secure messaging, or by mail, with personal attention according to need. Our website’s Terms of Use applies to the online course and is part of this application and agreement. Your email address will be used as your user name. Please make sure to use an email address that is used exclusively by you to maintain confidentiality. We will not share your email address with any third party.

    7. Lessons of the Lemurian Philosophy are released upon satisfactory completion of previous lessons as determined by the Lemurian Fellowship, and upon receipt of the next $35 tuition payment as explained in paragraph 4.

    8. All lesson material and instruction through correspondence and secure message is to be considered confidential and not to be shared with others. The Lemurian Fellowship makes every effort to keep students’ personal information private and will not sell personal information. However, since not all teachers are Clergy and more than one teacher works with a student’s correspondence, the student-teacher relationship does not fall under the protections of what is known under California Law as the Clergy/Penitent Privilege, or “Confession.”

    9. The Lemurian Philosophy as released through the Lemurian Fellowship is religious and moral in character, yet completely free from denominational sectarianism. Pursuit of this study does not necessitate giving up one’s present church affiliations.

    10. Lemurian Fellowship students may participate regardless of where they live.

    11. The Lemurian Fellowship reserves the right to discontinue the teaching and training of any student at any time upon evidence of the pursuit of objectives that are considered inimical to the best interest of the Lemurian Program.

    NOTE: Remittances to the Lemurian Fellowship may be made by PayPal, check or money order payable at face value in U.S.A. currency, or through online banking with your financial institution.

    LEMURIAN FELLOWSHIP, P.O. Box 397, Ramona, California 92065, U.S.A.

    I agree to the foregoing terms and conditions and will remit my $50 fee to begin the Basic Course of instruction and training in the Lemurian Philosophy.

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