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Lemurian Order

The goal of the student who completes the Advanced Training phase of the Lemurian teaching program is membership in the Lemurian Order.

Lemurian Order membership is a mark of distinction to those whose lives reflect their desire to help build the foundation of the coming New Order. This is the only student organization sponsored or recognized by the Fellowship.

In their work together, Order members demonstrate, by example, the efficacy of the Lemurian teachings and receive training and experience in practicing those principles on which the New Order is being built.

The Order is made up of members living throughout the U.S. as well as other countries. A number of members live in the San Diego and Ramona areas, some serving as staff members and others as part-time volunteers.

While participating in Order activities means doing something to aid in fulfilling the Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood, it does not imply that the student should think only in terms of serving the work in Ramona, California. It is entirely possible to help forward the Lemurian Program wherever one may live.

It’s not the geographical location that matters, but the example and inspiration one can be to others who also want to live nobler, more secure lives.

The world today is in urgent need of men and women of character and integrity who epitomize the citizen of tomorrow’s world.

Members of the Lemurian Order constitute the nucleus of those who will one day form the citizenry of a New Age civilization.


There must always be a physical place where people who have dedicated themselves to using Christ’s Teachings can further their learning among those who share their beliefs. In 1941, the Fellowship purchased a beautiful property near the town of Ramona, California. Today this site serves as headquarters of the Lemurian Order. It is called “The Gateway” as it truly is the Gateway to the New Order.

In addition to spacious grounds, there are accommodations for the staff and guests, shop facilities for the Lemurian Crafts, a chapel, offices, and a large community building.


An outstanding expression of the Lemurian Philosophy in practical action is the Lemurian Crafts – an endeavor devoted to fabricating beautiful and useful products.

Order members who take part in the Crafts activities combine their talents, skills, and ingenuity to make articles of excellent design, outstanding craftsmanship, and lasting beauty.

Since 1948, those associated with this undertaking have worked with some of nature’s most beautiful materials – rare and unusual woods, semiprecious stones, onyx, marble, brass, and bronze.

Crafts products have included decorative accessories for the home – boxes, lamps, artwork, door and cabinet hardware, musical instruments and music stands. These have been marketed through some of the United State’s most exclusive shops and stores. Each product, carefully fabricated and finished by hand, reflects a degree of perfection seldom striven for in today’s commercial world.

The Crafts activity serves first and foremost as a field for the expression of Lemurian ideals and principles.

It offers countless opportunities for its personnel to demonstrate the efficacy of the Lemurian Teaching. This the Order members accomplish while living and working together cooperatively for the purpose of building a model foundation upon which the New Order will be based.

“The Lemurian Philosophy is a practical teaching. More than just reading and trying to understand the lessons, it was the doing/applying that made the Philosophy so meaningful to me.“ – Carole

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