Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

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Syllabus for Lesson One

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Mental Preparation
New Concepts Explained
Open-Minded Approach
Universal Truths/Action & Reaction
Purpose of Existence
Elder Brothers/Adepts/Initiates
Historical Background
Cosmic Economics
Law of Universal Justice
Cosmic Security
Cosmic Credits
Cosmic Debits
The Mind
Productive, Constructive Use
God and Nature
Cosmic Root Substance
Cosmic Root Energy
The Law of Precipitation
The Secret to your Aladdin’s Lamp
Six Steps Outlined
Guidelines for Optimal Results
The Lemurian Power Reservoir
How Prayer Works
Description of the Reservoir
How to Add Surplus Energy


Balancing Material and Spiritual Progress

In order that humanity might enjoy pleasanter and more comfortable living conditions, the past few decades have seen great strides made by science in gaining a better understanding of Nature. Through the many discoveries and improvements made in recent years, our material advancement has been unparalleled in known history, and the future holds promise of even greater improvements in the external elements of our living standards.

On the other hand, while our material progress has been great, our spiritual prog­ress has lagged badly, and the tension, frustration, and unrest so prevalent in the world today reflect this lack of balance. Insufficient understanding of true spiritual principles and the consequent inability to abide by them have resulted in many becoming vulnerable to forces adversely affecting their happiness, sense of security, and peace of mind.

When true spiritual understanding has developed to a point equal to that of our present material advancement, people will have built within themselves a means of defense that hurtful, destructive forces cannot break through. Such understanding will bring the realization that physical and mental suffering is the reaction to causes we have set in motion, and that through the use of potentialities now lying dormant within most of us, we can gradually eliminate suffering and be in position to truly appreciate and enjoy the material blessings that are becoming ever more evident in our lives.

Longing for a Closer Relationship with God

The popularity of publications based on personal mystical and spiritual experiences, inspirational movies and books, plus the increasing number of religious movements all indicate humanity’s need for a closer relationship with the Creator. Church attendance and the response to evangelists further demonstrate people’s inherent desire to link themselves with that great all-knowing and ever-loving Power and so come to experience a growing sense of well-being and peace.

Yet, the many rapid changes and greater knowledge gained through the unprecedented material progress taking place in recent decades have resulted in countless numbers no longer finding the spiritual satisfaction they crave. While they would like to be receptive to all they hear, they can’t accept on the basis of blind belief. They seek a religion based on facts their reasoning minds can accept and which are directly applicable to the problems of their everyday lives. In other words, although they may be unable to define it as such, they feel their faith in God and His operations must be based on a clear and adequate understanding of life and its relationship to the Infinite and all that exists.

A Religion that Works

Without being fully aware of it, these individuals long for a religious teaching that is neither abstract, fanatical, nor primarily emotional. They seek a religion based on sound, workable principles applicable to the fundamental needs, both practical and cultural, of all people regardless of race, creed, or color. They long for spiritual guidance of universal appeal and principle, one to which all people can subscribe whether Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim. All seek happiness, and although ideas of what constitutes happiness vary, in the end, all have a common basis in the desire for freedom, security, and peace of mind. Take, for example, the expression of the Golden Rule in five major religions:

Christianity — “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

Judaism — “What is hurtful to yourself, do not to your fellow man.”

Buddhism — “A clansman should minister to his friends and familiars by treating them as he treats himself.”

Hinduism — “Do not to others, which if done to thee, would cause thee pain.”

Islam — “No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”

Because of the extreme and crucial conditions existing throughout the world in recent years, and the fact that untold numbers crave and need spiritual guidance beyond that previously provided, wise and understanding beings about whom you will learn have supplied the advanced and helpful information contained in the Lemurian Philosophy. This instruction offers not only a realistic and practical presentation of spiritual matters, but incorporated in it are plans for a magnificent program that will culminate in the Kingdom of God — a civilization where all will live and work together in complete harmony and for the greatest good of all.

Prophecies of a New World Take Shape

To bring about a harmonious condition among the peoples of the world is indeed a monumental undertaking; to the average skeptical individual, it would appear to be impossible, particularly in view of present-day circumstances. But as you move through the Lemurian training, the Great Plan will unfold, and as it does, you will come to realize that the long foretold prophecies of a New World are at last in the process of taking form.

As your spiritual comprehension grows, you will come to know that by sincerely and conscientiously using the help being extended through this instruction, you may be of inestimable value in actually bringing about the Kingdom of God here on earth referred to by Christ! And by entering into such activity under the guidance of the Fellowship, life will take on real meaning. What goal could be more glorious — more worthwhile?

How the New World Will Come About

That the guidance being extended is a full and complete education in the rules governing life and life’s relationships is understandable. Through properly comprehending and using these rules, individuals are empowered to improve themselves and their own way of life. And if we are to arrive at the universal harmony implied by the Kingdom of God, individuals must begin now to learn to create harmony in their relationships with one another — with members of their families as well as their other associates.

Then, with expanding vision, they will work with others of similar understanding and ability to create a larger and ever larger area representative of the Kingdom of God. A civilization is but an aggregate of individuals, so it is individuals who must first learn to create this way of life for themselves and in their own environments. We cannot expect widespread undesirable circumstances to change unless something is first done to correct those in our immediate surroundings.

The Journey Begins with a Single Step

As with any journey we wish to make, if we do not start by taking the first step, we will remain where we are. Having learned there is a definite procedure leading to the greatest of all goals, it is up to each of us to take that first step and proceed from there. We should do this not merely for the greater satisfaction and happiness it will bring us personally, but because, together, individuals having such understanding and training as the Lemurian Fellowship extends are essential to bringing the brotherhood of all mankind into being.

Regardless of your present conception of the religious life or how beautiful your philosophy may have been, there are still higher concepts and more beautiful truths or facts beyond your present horizon. Remember that the higher we rise, the farther we are able to see.

So approach the matters explained in the Lemurian Philosophy with a tolerant attitude. As you do this, you will discover that not only have you lost nothing, but you’ve gained far beyond your fondest expectations. Make the material of these lessons a part of your thinking and the principles your way of life. Your ultimate peace of mind, sense of security, and happiness will fully justify the effort required to attain them.

A Suggestion about Questions

It is not unusual for students to have many questions they’d like answers to, especially at the beginning of their Lemurian study. Each lesson contains new ideas that take time to absorb, and the Fellowship understands this.

With this in mind, we suggest that if you have questions, list them for yourself and set the list aside for awhile. As you move through your study, you’ll find that subjects that were introduced briefly in the beginning lessons are enlarged on later. You’ll be able to discover for yourself answers to many of your questions. Should there be others that seem urgent, you are welcome to write the Fellowship and we will be glad to respond.



First chapter of Lesson One


Keeping an Open Mind

Many who study the Lemurian Philosophy find themselves reading of matters entirely new to them, some appearing strange and almost unbelievable at first. Realizing this, we do not ask or expect the student to accept statements simply because we say they are true; we merely ask that you study with an open mind, rejecting nothing. As you proceed with the lessons and see how all that is discussed fits into place, the truth of anything you now doubt can prove itself to your satisfaction.

Simply because an idea is new to your experience or may appear at variance with your preconceived opinions does not disprove it! Today, as the result of scientific research, we enjoy facilities, benefits, comforts, and recreations that most would have considered impossible just decades ago. Not many years ago, ideas of space travel were considered fantastic and pure science fiction, while splitting atoms for nuclear power was inconceivable, and advances such as mapping the human genome only a concept, while today it is a reality. Yet, with an increasing comprehension of the universe, we are coming to realize more and more how very narrow some of our previous conceptions about it were. And so much that was once regarded as true, we now find was fiction, based on a limited understanding.

A Future of Possibilities

Scientists could have done little toward improving our standards of living if they had been unwilling to accept and experiment with the challenges offered by possibilities — to look beyond accepted beliefs and limitations. And as still further scientific discoveries are made, our understanding of many other things will change. Ideas concerning inherent and so far undeveloped abilities of the mind and the evolution of life that at present are recognized by a few, but considered fantastic and improbable by many, in time will also be found to be quite natural and based on reality.

Being universal, the truths you will learn about in this Philosophy are all-embracing, touching on all forms and aspects of life, not only as they pertain to material matters, but to those that are spiritual as well. Since all are closely interrelated and a part of one another, it is difficult to disassociate them; so until students have completed the entire instruction and are in position to blend all they have learned, they cannot have even an approximately true conception of the teachings released through the Lemurian Philosophy.

Staying Receptive to All that Is New

We appeal to you, for the sake of the benefits that can be yours, to condemn or reject nothing until you have received the entire instruction under the guidance of the Lemurian Fellowship and have access to everything it is possible to give you regarding matters discussed. Be receptive to all that is released and conscientious in applying the principles taught. This is the only way you can prove for yourself the benefits, and experience the improved conditions in your life and affairs that you desire. As you do you will also experience that growing peace of mind all seek.

Since the Lemurian Philosophy is a study of life in all its many phases, it has many ramifications and is so all-embracing that some basis of understanding must be given the student before we can even start. Many phrases, terms, and ideas may be unfamiliar, so before going further, we will explain a few of these so you may more readily proceed step-by-step into the workable and feasible plan the Philosophy sets forth. The following brief explanations will provide essentials for beginning the study, and all will be greatly amplified throughout the rest of the course.

A Purpose for Existence

The purpose for existence has always been a question in the mind of the average person, and no doubt, you too have often wondered why we are here and where we are bound. It is inconceivable that we would have been placed here to go through the many trials and tribulations experienced by most people without some good reason back of it all. As a matter of fact, until the nature of that purpose is established and regarded as a goal to strive toward, the lives of most will continue in the more or less haphazard and ineffectual way they have so far, with humanity continuing to endure frustration, discontent, and a gnawing sense of insecurity.

So the first fact to be accepted in the study of the Lemurian Philosophy is that the purpose of human existence is to advance from ignorance concerning ourselves and our potentialities to the point where we are able to consciously control both our environment and our destiny. That the individual may have the information and guidance necessary to consciously strive toward reaching this goal is the purpose for which the Lemurian Philosophy was released.

Natural or Universal Laws

The second important truth to be accepted is that a proper understanding of natural or universal laws as they directly concern one’s well-being is essential to attaining this goal.

As any who have given it a few moments’ thought realize, an ordered procedure exists throughout Nature — in the progression of the planets, the seasons, night following day, the ebb and flow of the tides, the growth of plant and animal life, each producing its own species — for all are governed by the laws of Nature. If this were not true, universal confusion would prevail with vast cataclysmic collisions of planetary bodies, and everywhere would be the bewildering, indistinct mingling and intermingling of life — if life could survive the resulting cosmic upheaval. Fortunately, nothing of this kind can occur, for these timeless, self-executing, and immutable laws keep all aspects of Nature in balance.

With recent scientific investigation and experimentation, the term “natural law” is more generally understood and used now, and with the coming of space travel, the same is true of the word “cosmos.” This term, as well as the words “cosmic” and “cosmically,” are used often throughout the Lemurian Philosophy. Because the cosmos refers to the universe, the words are interchangeable. Natural laws operate universally or cosmically, and in this study, you will often find them referred to as cosmic laws.

Cosmic Laws Are Inescapable

Just as the sun sheds its life-giving rays impartially on the good and the bad, the rich, the poor, the ignorant, the intelligent, the innocent and the virtuous, with equal impartiality do cosmic laws act in the lives of all. Since they are as impersonal as the sun and even more inescapable, no one is exempt from their action and reaction. However likely it may seem, none may evade them. It matters not whether we are ignorant of them or deny their existence. They act in our lives regardless.

These laws are not man-made, and no one has the authority or the power to set them aside, for they are the changeless and inviolable laws by which the universe is controlled. Due to their immutable operation, there are no inharmonies and inconsistencies in Nature which, if the full truth regarding it were known, would be recognized as the balanced and perpetually perfect unit it is.

Natural laws act uniformly, controlling all that is, has been, or ever will be, and humans are no more an exception to their operation than a pebble or a planet! Yet, unlike all other forms of Nature known to us, humans alone have the power of self-determination and may adhere to these laws or not. Lacking understanding of cosmic laws and their operation, particularly those related to human affairs, all too many have acted contrary to them. This is why, individually and collectively, humanity has brought about the many unhappy conditions experienced today.

Harmonizing with Cosmic Laws

Studying the lessons of the Lemurian Philosophy, you will come to understand how and why it is that misfortune, unhappiness, the hazards of war and other such circumstances are purely man-made and directly due to the failure of individuals to live in accord with these great universal laws. One who completely understood and adhered to all that is explained in this and later lessons concerning cosmic laws could become immune to undesirable conditions, for these are the direct result of people’s transgressions of cosmic laws. Peace, health, prosperity, and happiness are the inevitable result of abiding by them. Harmonize with these principles and your life will be a harmonious one; go contrary to them, and you experience inharmony.

Obviously, cosmic laws are God’s creation and merely discovered, or perceived, by alert human minds. Through the use you personally make of them you, too, will come more and more to observe their operation. And eventually, you will recognize for yourself that every condition, from your own financial, marital, health, or other personal problem, to the rise and fall of nations, is the result of like thought and action generated by human minds.

Ignorance of cosmic laws over many thousands of years has led to untold violations which have reacted in the lives of all of us until problems have become inseparable from human existence. But as you have learned, the purpose of our existence is to learn to control our environments. To do this, we must learn to handle and ultimately eliminate these problems so we may experience the joy and satisfaction in life intended by our Creator. We can do this in ever greater measure as we learn to understand universal principles and avail ourselves of their beneficial operations. Sufficient numbers trained in their proper use will usher in the New Order of the Ages and the “thousand years of peace” prophesied in the Bible.

Every problem has a definite solution, and you can find the solution to yours in the thoughtful, conscientious study of these lessons. How long it takes to correct each situation depends largely on the extent of the problem, plus your sincerity and earnest effort to comprehend and apply what you are learning. But by applying the necessary principles to your problem, you will come into a working knowledge of some cosmic law.

When you have attained an absolute conviction, through your own experience, that all things are subject to inviolable, immutable laws, you will no longer blindly believe that God is eternal love and personifies absolute, infallible justice, but you will know it through every emergency and under all conditions. Regardless of appearance, you will know that all is well, all is under control — that all is good.

Action and Reaction

The basic law of Nature is that of “Action and Reaction” or “Cause and Effect.” Its operation insures absolute justice, for it holds all life and phenomena in balance. It’s also known as the Law of Justice. The following statement defines and explains its operation: For every action, there is a reaction, equal in force but opposite in direction.

By the operation of this unchanging law, everything that has happened or will happen to you is the direct result of an action or thought emanating from you. At the present time, you are surrounded by a set of circumstances that are of your own making. The thought that you are responsible for those of an undesirable nature may shock you for the moment, but the truth of this statement will become increasingly evident as you proceed with this training as will the idea and the means of the definite changes you may bring about.

The Law of Action and Reaction discussed in the next chapter plays an important part in what you will be able to accomplish through your study of this Philosophy. Give it good thought as you move through your daily activities, observing instances of its operation in your affairs.

Advancement — a Universal Law

In time, you will become increasingly aware that there is a continued forward movement throughout all Nature, for progress or advancement is another of the great laws of the universe. You are no exception, for to advance from ignorance of yourself and your potentialities to the point where you are able to consciously control both your environment and your destiny implies that personal progress be made through experience and the use of what is being learned.

Comparatively few have achieved this control, but in the process of attaining it, these individuals have mastered everything that can be learned from life on this physical plane of existence. They have gained such understanding and control of their physical bodies that they are able to prolong their physical existence practically as long as they choose to do so. These are the “perfect” referred to by Paul in his writings. Among them is the Master Jesus. They have progressed to the highest state of human development and, because of their accomplishments and degree of self-control, are known as Masters or Elder Brothers, although they prefer the latter designation.

Of lesser progress are the Adepts who, as the name suggests, have developed marvelous ability along all lines of endeavor, yet have not reached the high standard of perfection attained by the Elder Brothers. Also, there are various “degrees” or measures of progress made by the individual until he or she attains Adeptship. These are known as Initiations.

The First Degree of Lemurian Initiation
The instruction offered by the Lemurian Fellowship is designed to help students attain the first of these Initiations when they will become First Degree Initiates. This is the first really important step an individual makes and, because of the advancement involved, is a distinction that lifts one far beyond the average. Following its attainment, one strives for the second degree and then the third, and so on, until he or she becomes an Adept. This will all be explained in greater detail in a later lesson.- 16 –

The Progress that Is Possible

This is a rather brief outline of the progress to be made as one gains increasing control of self and environment. Yet it gives those who are interested some understanding of the growth possible when an individual begins to cultivate inherent but dormant abilities. It is information not revealed to those who are self-satisfied or who have not indicated a desire to find and work toward a more balanced and satisfactory way of life.

So early in the study, some students may find it difficult to believe there are highly advanced human beings such as Adepts and Elder Brothers who operate on the physical plane. Yet it must be evident that humankind advanced from its beginning primitive and savage state to the present stage of civilization by developing qualities and abilities originally undreamed of. So why should it not be reasonable to believe that, given time, people will develop even greater abilities and evolve or advance to still higher states of being? And that there already are those who have done so?

This may seem inconceivable to many people now, just as primitive people of long ago could not possibly have comprehended the progress humans would make to the present day! But whether or not one believes individuals such as Elder Brothers and Adepts actually exist will not lessen the benefits that can come through understanding and properly using cosmic principles. When you understand these laws and how they operate and then apply them sincerely and conscientiously to yourself and your affairs, environmental improvement and personal progress are inevitable.

To become an Initiate, you must be in control of your life and affairs to some degree. This control is achieved through the proper understanding and use of the natural or cosmic laws established by God for governing the universe and all it contains. To abide by them is to make your life what you want it to be.

Through the Lemurian Philosophy, you are being led step-by-step, lesson by lesson, as your grasp of the material warrants, until you have gained a comprehension of God’s incomparable program, when life will take on a truer, fuller meaning than was possible before. Yet the degree of your inner development and your progress toward Initiation depends on your sincerity of purpose and the conscientious use of what you are being taught.


As you move through the study of the Lemurian Philosophy, you will discover that the idea of balance is stressed often, as it applies both to the universe and to the individual. Since a degree of balanced thinking is an important requisite for the First Degree of Lemurian Initiation, the following should help you decide in which direction your thinking is out of balance. Some people are so materialistic that they completely ignore spiritual values, and the needs of fellow human beings. While their extreme practicality enables them to attain the material success desired, many of these individuals experience no real and lasting satisfaction in their accomplishments.

At the other extreme are those who are so idealistically or “religiously” inclined that they lose all sight of material values, their thinking being impractical, unstable, and even fanatical. These individuals are idle visionaries, forever dreaming about impossible Utopias and overlooking completely the fact that we are on this physical plane to make practical use of, benefit from, and glorify God’s blessings.

The thinking of all humanity varies between these two extremes, and one of the purposes of the Lemurian Philosophy is to help people bring about a more normal balance between the two. The dreamer must become more practical, and the wholly material-minded must become more idealistic, developing a greater appreciation of spiritual values. A reasonable degree of this balance is essential to attaining the First Degree of Lemurian Initiation.

Background History

You should also know something of the historical background of the Lemurian Program. Since much of the following happened long before our present-day recorded history, a lot of it may appear strange and no doubt incredible. So we again encourage you to read with an open mind. In due time, the coordination and logic of the truths revealed throughout the Lemurian Philosophy will convince receptive, thinking students of their authenticity.

Contrary to the opinions of many theologians and scientists, humankind did not set foot on this earth as late as four thousand years before Christ nor as early as several million years before our historical era. The truth lies somewhere between these two extremes. For all practical purposes, let us accept the date for the introduction of humans as one million years ago.

The Mukulian Civilization

The matter of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden is unrelated to our subject and will be discussed fully in a later lesson. The period we wish to discuss now began 78,000 years ago on the Continent of Mu which once occupied that part of the world now taken up by the Pacific Ocean.

At that time, the human form was much like ours today except that generally, it was not as refined. But the mentality of most had developed very little so that the average individual led a more or less animal-like existence. Still, there were a few among these prehistoric people who used their minds to think and to learn. It was they who discovered it was to the benefit and greater happiness of individuals and families to unite in common endeavor rather than continue as rugged individualists.

Helping the primitive members of their tribe work together in group activities, and with the aid extended them by Divine Beings from the planets Venus and Mercury, these more enterprising and intelligent individuals succeeded in forming a crude but organized society. At the close of the first thousand years of community living, Christ, then known as Melchizedek, appeared to help these people who, having little experience to draw on, could not conceive of the great possibilities of the way of life they had inaugurated.

Guided by this highly advanced Being, they ultimately succeeded in building the first metropolis of all time — the beautiful prehistoric Hamukulia, or City of the Sun. Around it there developed the equally beautiful Mukulian (commonly referred to as Lemurian) Empire, the first and most magnificent civilization ever to come into being on this planet.

Following the example set by Melchizedek who became its first Emperor, this glorious Empire was governed in accord with cosmic law and for this reason, endured for 50,000 years! Contrast this achievement with those of outstanding civilizations of recorded historical times not based on universal laws — none of which has been a world power for more than a few hundred years!

As long as its people abided by cosmic law, the Mukulian Empire prospered so that if these laws had been adhered to permanently, the Kingdom of God would have become manifest, and subsequent history would have been very different from what it is today. Yet, for reasons you will better understand as you get further into the study, some of the Mukulian people deviated from the principles that had made their civilization so great and wonderful. Consequently, at the height of its glory, the Empire began to decline, to be finally destroyed as the result of continuing failure to adhere to universal laws.


Many Mukulians had previously migrated to Atlantis, a body of land then located in the area now occupied by the Atlantic Ocean. Following the period when the Mukulian Empire passed the zenith of its power, the Atlantean civilization was inaugurated. Again the Lords of Venus and Mercury extended Their help in its establishment. Again Christ appeared, this time as Poseidonis. Later, He became the first ruler of Atlantis.

Poseidonis was succeeded by a long line of emperors, with the Atlantean civilization prospering fabulously until many false teachings introduced by corrupt priesthoods brought about its decline and eventual destruction around 8,000 bc. This was the second truly great civilization to digress from the principles responsible for its phenomenal success.

The Future Civilization

Following the destruction of Atlantis came many other civilizations, but it was not until the advent of Christ, this time using the name of Jesus, that there was any authoritative mention of the great kingdom to come — the Kingdom of God. That it was not yet time to reestablish a society such as the Mukulian Empire had once been is evident from the fact that Christ spoke of the restoration as being in the future.

But a return to the glorious way of life once known had been contemplated. This may be verified by referring to the Bible, Book of Acts 1:6-7, when a few enlightened ones asked Christ, “When they therefore came together, they asked of him, saying Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the Kingdom of Israel? And he said unto them, it is not for you to know the time or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.” (The reference to “Israel” will be explained in a later lesson.)

You will observe that in the formation of both the Mukulian and Atlantean Empires, Christ did not appear until sometime after the civilizations had been inaugurated. By that time, certain erroneous customs and activities which ultimately resulted in their disintegration were already in effect so that neither achieved the wondrous goal mankind must ultimately reach and maintain. To prevent disruptive elements from entering and finally destroying the civilization which is to come, Christ appeared approximately 2,000 years ago and before it was in even a formative stage.

The Kingdom of God on Earth

For hundreds of years following His advent, many looked forward hopefully to Christ’s “second” coming, believing that the “Kingdom” would then become a reality. As time passed and people became better educated and learned more about the world, less and less thought was given to such a possibility. In today’s fast-moving times, with the general relaxation of ethical principles, the widespread instability and uncertainty due to serious world conditions, plus the heartache and misery endured by untold numbers, all too many have come to regard the Kingdom of God here on earth as merely an idealistic and sentimental concept, impossible to realize.

Yet Christ, who has been designated as the Son of God, did not walk the earth as a man and make the supreme sacrifice He did merely to introduce an idealistic concept, impossible of materialization! His purpose in coming when He did was to prepare the way by teaching some of the spiritual or universal principles on which the Kingdom of God will be based. In this way, humanity might be made generally aware of them and what can be the sublime outcome of worldwide understanding and acceptance of them.

Christ’s Disciples

Wise and understanding individual that He is, Christ’s knowledge of human nature is surpassed only by that of God; so He well knew that the majority followed Him merely because they felt comforted by His gentle words and wished to witness, and benefit from, the “miracles” He performed. He knew that only the very few (His disciples) grasped the fact that He was instructing them in the use of powerful principles which, when properly used and adhered to, would enable individuals to enjoy that elusive but greatest of all blessings — peace of mind.

It stands to reason that Christ also realized that for the Kingdom of God to become a reality, it was necessary that great numbers in many lands become at least familiar with what He taught. For this reason, He entrusted His disciples to go out into the then-known world to preach “the gospel,” well knowing that later, others would take up the inspiring task, and His Teachings would spread.

Yet, though there has been no more outstanding character in history than Christ, and no teachings as universally known as His, the masses continue to be as the multitudes of old with all too few actually applying His counsel to themselves. As He told His disciples long ago, “. . . they seeing see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” (Matthew 13:13) Simple as are His Teachings, the same is true today.

Christ’s Sermon in the Mount

Studying the Lemurian Philosophy, you will observe more and more that everything Christ taught throughout His ministry, and particularly in His Sermon in the Mount, has its basis in the cosmic or God laws governing human well-being. He fully understood their operation and for this reason was able to perform the so-called miracles described in the Bible. But did He not say, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do . . .”? (John 14:12)

Doesn’t this statement tell us that we, too, have the potential for performing as remarkable things as He? Yet, there is the limiting phrase, “He that believeth on me . . .” How many have such abiding faith and belief in Christ as to cause them to conscientiously live by what He taught and exemplified? After more than 2,000 years, how many are sufficiently versed in the universal principles He taught to even begin to approximate His accomplishments?

A Well-Conceived Plan

Knowing human nature as He did, Christ was aware that the spread of His Teachings would serve as little more than the introduction to more definite and explanatory instruction to follow at a future time. Nor can there be any doubt that in His great wisdom, He also recognized that the Kingdom of God here on earth would not come about of itself. Beyond question, He knew a well-conceived plan of procedure for its establishment was essential and that enthusiastic, intelligent, and sustained effort on the part of great numbers with the proper understanding of all that would be involved in carrying out this plan would be necessary.

Being what He was, Christ must also have realized that it was of greatest importance that those who were to build and become part of the New Age civilization have more than an average understanding of such principles as He taught. This is the only way they could experience the benefits to be derived from applying them, and the only way they could attain the status of Initiates — a prerequisite for those who will compose its citizenry.

As you thoughtfully study the lessons of the Lemurian Philosophy, it will become ever more apparent to you that Christ’s advent 2,000 years ago and the release of this material under conditions as they exist today were according to a divinely inspired plan. Only now is there the growing recognition of the need for a practical, down-to-earth approach to the principles of Christianity — one that is applicable not only to the solution of everyday problems inseparable from life, but helpful in understanding the troubling world conditions affecting us all. Only now are great numbers enlightened and broad-minded enough to be able to accept what could be called the “scientific” approach to Christianity!

Today we live in an age of seeming miracles, enjoying comforts, conveniences and pleasures previously unknown in recorded history. Yet, the security and peace of mind which should enable us to fully appreciate and enjoy them are often lacking. For hundreds of years this appeared to be an individual problem. Now, the insecurity and unhappiness have grown to such magnitude that they have become a universal concern.

It is helpful to understand that the earth is in a time of transition from the old into a new one. During this period there is an upheaval of huge proportions as old forces clash with new ones being established. To many it seems the world is growing more chaotic and troubling, with devastating events both natural and man-made demanding all of the resources people have available in order to cope, with seemingly no end in sight. But there is.

The Great Ones have assured that a new world of thought and action will arise out of the old, and have provided every means for this to happen.

The Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood

The highly advanced and extremely wise Elder Brothers and Adepts previously mentioned are all working to help bring about the brotherhood of man, or Kingdom of God here on earth. They have united into large groups, or Brotherhoods, each fulfilling some important task essential to making it possible. And to the Lemurian Brotherhood has been delegated the task of coordinating all their efforts to make such a way of life a reality. This Brotherhood first selected as their Direct Emissary one wise and understanding enough to be in complete accord with their ideas and sufficiently advanced to make it possible for them to properly contact him. Through him, they released the instruction which is the Lemurian Philosophy.

Since a mundane channel is essential to disseminating these teachings, they directed their Emissary to establish the Lemurian Fellowship. As the Lemurian Brotherhood’s earthly representative, this organization has been charged with the responsibility for instructing aspirants in the correct understanding and application of universal or cosmic laws, and under the guidance of these Great Ones, for supervising the formative steps leading to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God here on earth.


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