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Our 2024 Easter Service Message

This Easter Service message shows how we can bring more that is positive and good into our lives when we follow Christ’s advice to “Seek and ye shall find,” a key to improving ourselves and building a better world. For when we take steps to be finer human beings, we can be of greater service to others.

How do we follow the example of Robert Stelle, the Lemurian Fellowship’s founder, in his invariably trying to find the good in people and conditions? Using common everyday challenges that all of us struggle with in our reactions to what others may say, do or even don’t do, this talk draws on Christ’s Teachings, valuable clues of advice by the wise and gentle Masters of the Lemurian Brotherhood, insights from Dr. Stelle, and tips discovered by Hattie Stelle for how to “see only what I do like – the good,” a step toward Initiation.

This service message encourages that each time we discover the good, give a prayer of thanks. And when we sometimes slip up, take a deep breath and say to yourself “I’m going to start over.” The more we use “Seek and ye shall find” the greater will be the forward momentum of our positive thoughts of thankfulness and love for people.

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