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Online Course Summary

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The Fellowship is in search of people who long to improve themselves and build a better world. We seek people whose intense desire to progress finds them eager to meet their challenges in down-to-earth ways, and are not expecting long-term gains for short-term efforts.

Are you one who wants to fulfill your
God-given purpose in life?

The Lemurian Course of Study is taught in 12 comprehensive lessons by mail and online with Secure Messaging. Each lesson is sent upon successful completion of the previous lesson. They are designed for Learning by Doing at your pace, taking four weeks or more for each lesson.

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What can you expect to learn
from the Lemurian Philosophy and training?

Basic Laws
Understanding and using natural laws enables you to create greater happiness and security. These laws operate in your affairs every minute of your existence. The best known is Action and Reaction which Christ described in the Golden Rule. It has held the universe in balance since the beginning of time.

The Law of Precipitation is another natural law and with its six basic steps you can bring into your life not only material things you desire, but important changes and improvements in your health, character, and relationships with others.

Finances and Security
Permanent economic security rests on a spiritual foundation. How to develop a prosperity consciousness, control your spending, save and plan for your future, are combined with spiritual guidelines that create true security.

Because good health is so vital to happiness and accomplishment, the subject is thoroughly covered both from the physical and metaphysical standpoints.

Marriage and Family
One lesson is devoted to marriage, family, and all close relationships, to help in understanding how universal principles apply to these. Complementary Egos (sometimes referred to as “soul mates”) is also fully explained.

Character building is at the core of the Lemurian training. The conscious development of the twelve basic virtues as set forth in the Lemurian Philosophy is the path to spiritual advancement.

Transition (physical death), Life after death, and Reincarnation (physical rebirth) are clearly explained. Also clarified is Karma.

Origin of Life
Here you will be given little-known facts about the formation of earth and how life came to be. You will learn about the higher planes — life waves beyond the human. You will discover the source of your egoic being, or spirit, and your twofold purpose in life.

Spiritual Initiation
Another lesson has been devoted to the true meaning of spiritual Initiation. A discussion of who the Masters and Adepts are, and the value of prayer and meditation, are thoughtfully explained.

The Mind
How it affects one’s actions, reactions, and environment is an engrossing subject. Positive thinking is thoroughly covered. Everyone has fears of one kind or another and the Lemurian lessons contain helpful tools for handling these.

The Bible
As the greatest treatise on universal law and spiritual principles, the Bible has an important place in the study of the Lemurian Philosophy. Questions that have puzzled humankind for countless generations are treated simply and logically.

Because the Lemurian Teaching is based on analysis of thousands of years of human endeavor, one of the lessons takes you back in history to the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as later prehistoric cultures such as Egypt and India. New light is shed on such matters as the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and the Ark of the Covenant.

The Now-forming Kingdom of God
The lesson entitled The New Order takes the student into the future some 800 years after Armageddon for a privileged visit to three great cities of the forthcoming civilization.

This is not an imaginary account, but the result of an extraordinary look into the future accorded the author so he could incorporate what was revealed to him into the Lemurian lessons.

The New Order of the Ages with its ideals of service to others, as well as inclusiveness and equality for all, is not a Utopian dream nor unworkable. Its beginning stages are in operation today, and greater expansion awaits only the necessary numbers of qualified members.

The Lemurian study course is presented through 12 lessons offered both in hard copy and online. The Registration fee of $50 covers enrollment and Lesson One (both hard copy and online version), with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find the study does not seem to fit for you. After Lesson One the tuition for each lesson is $35.00 US. The Sun Rises, Lemurian Viewpoint and Lemurian Connections are supplements to the study and offered in our online bookstore.

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