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What is the Lemurian Fellowship?

A School of Universal Philosophy established under the direction and guidance of the Lemurian Brotherhood, one of the original Mystery Schools of this human life wave.

What is the Lemurian Philosophy?

A religious teaching that is non-denominational. It teaches people how to recognize, understand, and apply God’s universal laws and principles to their everyday living. It is a practical teaching, which can be used to create a happier, more spiritual life.

Does the Lemurian Philosophy teach spiritual development?

Spiritual growth comes from character building and is at the core of this nondenominational training. Of greatest importance is consciously applying the twelve basic virtues as set forth in the Lemurian Philosophy. By living in accordance with natural law, a student gradually becomes a better person and of greater service to humankind.

What will I learn about helping others?

The Lemurian Philosophy reveals the ways you can fulfill that part of your life’s purpose which concerns helping others – family, friends, neighbors, and your contribution to the upliftment of society as a whole. Your life will take on deeper meaning as you learn how you can be of greater help to humanity and participate in the building of a better world for all. What goal could be more worthwhile?

There is a need for those who are kind and value others, who are fair and just. With world conditions seeming to grow more complex day by day, it is important that people having these positive qualities be in a position to be of greater help to humanity. Through the Lemurian Philosophy you will discover ways to extend selfless service and gain the understanding and wisdom to be of cosmically right help to others.

Does the Lemurian Philosophy include reincarnation and, if so, what do you teach?

Yes. Truth students have long accepted the accumulation of experience throughout successive lifetimes, or reincarnation. When you think about it, reincarnation provides a reasonable explanation for Christ’s Teachings, the seeming inequalities we see around us, and recognizing the continuity of life as a basic universal premise.

Lemurians are taught that each human being (or Ego) is a spiritual being created to move toward God. We have many things to learn as we strive to accomplish our goal and this would not be possible in just one lifetime. God, in His Infinite Love and Wisdom, has given us the opportunity to achieve the highest level of advancement possible through living many lifetimes, or reincarnation. When we die, or go through transition, the Ego leaves the earthly body behind and moves to another plane – the Astral Plane. There we prepare for yet another lifetime, but always as a human.

Will I learn about Mu and Atlantis?

The continents of Atlantis and Mu did exist, and still do, sunken beneath the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Their existence is gradually working its way into mainstream thinking. This is due, in part, to scientists who are willing to pursue the growing mountain of evidence that does not fit into accepted timelines. While many still refuse to accept any evidence of civilizations that were further along than ours in both scientific and spiritual achievements, others have quietly turned their attentions to hunting their locations. As a matter of fact, Atlantis was approximately where the Greek philosopher, Plato, recorded its location 2300 years ago.

The Lemurian Philosophy gives many details of how and when the civilizations of Mu and Atlantis emerged, and something of their accomplishments. Yet this information is intended to provide more than an idealistic vision of the past. The history is given through the eyes of those who fully accept and understand cosmic law, and hold the Creator of these laws in deepest reverence. If a people can engineer their own demise through actions and practices at variance with the laws of our Universe, then would it be to our advantage to study their mistakes as we forward our own civilization?

What is the real relationship between Mu and Atlantis? What were the people like? How long did the civilizations last? Where were they and how long ago did they disappear? What caused their destruction? These and other questions are answered in the Lemurian Philosophy. More important, perhaps, is to ask what parallels can be drawn between these extinct civilizations with their former power and wealth, and the growth of civilization today. Both previous civilizations lasted many thousands of years. How long ours lasts may depend on how soon we can begin to embrace the causes of lasting peace and happiness.

Further information is available from The Sun Rises, or Lemurian Viewpoint, “A New World of Thought and Action” and “The Greatest Promise Ever Made.”

Is the Lemurian Philosophy in harmony with Christian Principles?

Yes. The simple and effective religious philosophy is the same teaching that was set forth by the Great Being known as Christ.

How old is the Lemurian Philosophy and what is its source?

Although the Lemurian Philosophy is the Teaching of Christ, it is much older than His most recent advent 2,000 years ago. Christ first brought His Message and Teaching to humankind over 77,000 years ago to the people of the Mukulian Empire. Although the Continent of Mu has been inundated, the complete record of its people, culture, and all that was accomplished during the 50,000 years of its history is now in the archives of the Lemurian Brotherhood. From this source of information and learning the Lemurian Brotherhood has evolved a Master Plan for the integration of a new civilization that promises to be the long-awaited Kingdom of God on earth.

How old is the Lemurian Fellowship?

The Lemurian Mystery School sanctioned the first release of its Master Plan on September 16, 1936 and did so through its outer preparatory school, the Lemurian Fellowship.

What are the objectives of the Lemurian Philosophy?

One purpose is to teach individuals to advance in a balanced manner – mentally, materially, and spiritually – through the study and application of God’s universal laws.

Another major objective of the Lemurian training is to develop through its worldwide student body, a group of responsible, spiritually motivated individuals who will help usher in the new civilization exemplifying the Kingdom of God or New Age Civilization on earth.

Who founded the Lemurian Fellowship?

The Lemurian Mystery School selected as their Direct Emissary, the Ego best known to us as Dr. Robert D. Stelle. It was this beloved teacher and friend who was responsible for founding the Lemurian Fellowship in 1936 and based on his experience the Great Ones knew he would be capable of organizing the work of the Fellowship and furthering its purpose.

Dr. Stelle was born on a farm in Liberty, Missouri in 1881. His artistic talents won him a job as an illustrator for a large Indianapolis newspaper at the age of twelve. Seeking something more adventurous to do with his life, he left home at 15 and spent seven years prospecting in Peru, Ecuador, visiting many other South American countries and working his way through Mexico and finally, the Alaskan Gold Rush.

After prospecting, he studied allopathic medicine at St. Louis, and then Chiropractic and Osteopathy. Choosing Osteopathy, he set up shop in San Francisco and worked there until the earthquake in 1906. Following this his career took several interesting turns taking him to many of the world’s countries. He visited Hawaii, the Philippines, China, India, Borneo, New Zealand, South Africa and many of the Islands of the South Pacific. In the process he became an author, taught writing, and worked with the La Salle Extension University in Chicago.

Throughout his life he met and became friends with several unusual individuals who he later learned were Masters. As he pieced together the experiences of his life and the help he had received from these wise and learned individuals, there developed a driving desire to do something more for his human family. Interestingly, he was not told what to do, but began looking for others who could help with the project he had in mind. As he assembled the resources and talent needed and evolved the pattern of the work ahead, he was again contacted by several of the Masters he had known earlier. Gradually they guided him toward what would become his passion. When everything was in place the Lemurian Fellowship was inaugurated on September 16, 1936. For the next sixteen years, he devoted his life to establishing the LEMURIAN BROTHERHOOD’s Outer Preparatory School.

Through his contacts with the Elder Brothers, he was given all the information relating to the Great Work which it was believed necessary for him to have. As the information was received, much of it was incorporated into the lessons of the Lemurian Philosophy. An important part of Dr. Stelle’s work was writing THE SUN RISES—the history of the inauguration of the Mukulian civilization. He served tirelessly as President and Counselor of the Lemurian Fellowship until his death in 1952.

Very little of Dr. Stelle’s life has been shared with the public and this was at his request. People, he felt, should not be led to blindly follow an individual, no matter how wise or learned he may seem, but rather through proving to themselves the validity of a teaching, discover its true value for themselves. Thus, he purposely stayed out of the spotlight, counseling his staff in this direction too. He taught all who worked with him to understand that what was being offered through the Lemurian Philosophy was not originating with its authors, but rather was being transmitted through them. And he studiously avoided any claim to personal greatness, despite the fact that human beings must necessarily be a part of documenting the teachings of the Elder Brothers.

Dr. Stelle never resisted attacks on the School or his personal character, trying only to offer the value of the Lemurian Philosophy to those who would take the time to study its mystery and wisdom.

During the years that Dr. Stelle was physically occupied in establishing the proper foundation for the mundane program of the Lemurian Brotherhood, he worked closely with the Fellowship staff. He saw to it that his administrative and teaching organization was sufficiently trained and experienced to carry on with the work when he would no longer be with us physically.

Dr. Stelle lived and worked at the Fellowship headquarters in Ramona until his transition in 1952

Where is the Lemurian Fellowship located?

The Lemurian Fellowship is located on a hillside along State Highway 67, five miles southwest of the town of Ramona, and thirty miles inland from San Diego.

The Fellowship’s 60-acre property includes offices for administration and teaching personnel, housing for the Fellowship staff, a maintenance shop and a large multi-purpose community building called Rhu House.

Who presently heads the Lemurian Fellowship?

The Lemurian Fellowship was incorporated in 1942 as a California non-profit religious corporation and its affairs come under the jurisdiction of its Board of Governors. Today, no single individual heads up the Fellowship; the responsibility resting in the hands of the Board of Governors.

Even though Dr. Stelle is no longer “physically” engaged in the affairs of the Fellowship, he is still the Direct Emissary of the Lemurian Brotherhood.

How is the Lemurian Philosophy taught?

Through a distance-learning course in which Fellowship teachers work with each student individually through secure online correspondence or standard mail.

Does the Lemurian Fellowship conduct any classes?

No, we do not have classes. Ever since its inception, the Philosophy has been taught through the correspondence or distance learning method of teaching and training. To have classes would be of little value to our worldwide student body, so the teaching staff confines itself to personal correspondence.

Is there a fee or tuition for the course?

There is a modest tuition charged to cover printing costs and the expense of handling each student’s lesson work.

Occasionally someone will ask why the Fellowship charges for its teaching and training. “Truth,” they say, “should be given free to all who seek it.”

Actually, the Fellowship does not charge for the incomparable information contained in the lessons and other material released by the Lemurian Brotherhood. The nominal tuition barely covers printing costs and the expense of handling student lesson work and correspondence. This is not merely a reading course, but backed by individual and personal help from qualified teachers.

There is also the element of compensation, which is a cosmic principle based on universal law. To ignore this aspect would cause the student to become cosmically indebted to the channel of the Elder Brothers. It is also generally known that people tend to place little value on goods and services in which they have no investment. Only by compensating in some manner can the giving and receiving of life be kept in balance.


Is the Lemurian Philosophy available to everyone?

Yes. Qualified individuals of any background, religion, or creed may enroll with the Fellowship as long as they are at least 18 years of age. Students are assured that expressing their sincere thoughts and feelings is what is most important. However, applicants must be able to read and write English, as the Philosophy is not available in other languages at the present time.

Is your teaching offered to children?

Yes, provided at least one of the parents is an enrolled student of the Fellowship and has progressed to a certain point in his or her study of the Lemurian Philosophy.

Will studying the Lemurian Philosophy upset my present beliefs?

Lemurian students often find themselves voluntarily relinquishing ideas and beliefs because they want to replace them with ones they feel will serve them better. The Fellowship assures students that they need not unwillingly surrender any concepts or beliefs in which they take comfort. Students are simply asked to hold these in abeyance until the basic truths of the Lemurian Philosophy have been given a chance to work in their lives and become meaningful and satisfying.

How does the Lemurian Philosophy compare to other teachings?

It has always been the Fellowship’s policy to avoid comparing the Lemurian Philosophy with the teachings and beliefs of others. All philosophies, religions and beliefs have their place in human affairs, and in one way or another, each contributes to man’s egoic unfoldment. Some are more reflective of universal truth, but who can say that any one is the only truth or path to spiritual development?

Throughout the course of our ongoing, we gravitate toward that which brings the greatest solace, comfort, inspiration, and spiritual upliftment, at one moment, clinging to cherished beliefs, and in the next, casting them aside to reach upward to grasp new ones. What may fill an urge to be universally secure today, may not do so tomorrow.

The Fellowship knows it is cosmically wrong to interfere with this egoic struggle toward at-one-ment with God. But to offer greater purpose and new concepts of life and action at a time one is reaching out for higher truths and more permanent values is another matter.

To set forth its purpose and precepts clearly and concisely is one of the Fellowship’s greatest responsibilities to the Lemurian Brotherhood and to those whose quest for truth has brought them to the threshold of the Lemurian Philosophy.

What makes the Lemurian Fellowship approach unique?

Many turn to self-help books and find interesting ideas, but beyond a certain point, applying these ideas becomes confusing. Guidance is needed. Lemurian students have the unique opportunity to respond to questionnaires with each lesson and to receive comments from experienced teachers in a proven system of help.

When an individual enrolls for the purpose of studying the Lemurian Philosophy, teachers work closely with the student as long as he or she remains actively engaged in the study of the Lemurian Philosophy. The growing rapport between teachers and student is generally found to add measurably to what an individual might gain from the material alone.

How can I verify the authenticity of the Lemurian Philosophy?

The Philosophy stresses the importance of developing one’s mind and each student is encouraged to use his or her power of reason to evaluate the Philosophy and to test Lemurian principles in daily life. By working with cosmic principles and experiencing the benefits, the student gains confidence in the truth of the Philosophy and need not accept it on faith alone. A reasoning faith in the truth and value of the Lemurian teachings naturally evolves for many students.

Are there groups of Lemurian students following the Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood?

Yes. A nucleus was established on Lemurian Fellowship property in the 1950’s. The group consists of members of the Lemurian Order, the only student organization sponsored or recognized by the Fellowship.

Does Lemurian Order membership require that I change my residence?

No. Students of the Lemurian Philosophy and members of the Lemurian Order may participate in the Lemurian Program regardless of where they may live.

What can I gain by enrolling as a Lemurian student?

Through a study of the Lemurian Philosophy you can gain an understanding of the purpose of human life and why it’s essential that we advance,

…Learn to control and improve the circumstances of your life and affairs,

…Discover how to bring into your environment things and conditions for your best good,

…Gain a deeper understanding of service to your fellowman and the assurance that your efforts to use God’s Laws are a help to others, and

…Through the wise use of God’s Divine Laws, you can grow more secure, gain greater peace of mind and enjoy the genuine satisfaction of true accomplishment.

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