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Discover a Philosophy of Life

Balancing Spiritual and Practical Principles


Are you searching for inner peace?
Want to help others?
Need proven, time-tested tools?

Since 1936, the Lemurian Fellowship’s trained teachers have helped people from all walks of life bring greater peace into their lives.

Discover the power of taking charge of your life,
the power of fulfillment!

What makes the Lemurian study unique
Read what the Lemurian study has done for others


Learn about
Basic Laws     Origin of Life
Finances and Security   Spiritual Initiation
Health   The Mind
Marriage and Family   The Bible
Virtues   History


  The Now Forming
Kingdom of God

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“Through this course of study you will be taught the use of principles helpful in transforming your life into one of serenity and beauty. These are neither idle words nor a mere Utopian dream. They are part of the fulfillment of Christ’s prayer for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God here on earth.”

The Lemurian Fellowship is a California nonprofit religious corporation