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Finding the Lemurian Philosophy

When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come. – Chinese Proverb

There are almost as many ways of finding the Lemurian Philosophy as there are students.

Some children being born now are fifth-generation Lemurians. More people are enrolling with the Fellowship whose parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were Lemurian students.

This is one way to become a Lemurian, but many come by different routes. Here are some students’ stories.

A young soldier on a battlefield heard a companion say, “Read this!” as he slipped a small booklet into his backpack. It was a Lemurian Fellowship brochure, Into the Sun.

A young soldier heard a companion say, “Read this!”as he slipped a small booklet into his backpack

Another student found a copy of Into the Sun as she was going through her father’s papers after his death.

A tourist in New Zealand found a book containing the Lemurian Fellowship’s address.

A young girl heard the word, “Lemurian” on the radio and knew she wanted to learn more about this intriguing concept. She searched many years before coming across the Lemurian Fellowship and enrolling. It seemed to her she had come home. She always felt completely in sync with the Philosophy and became one of its staunchest advocates.

A teenager enrolled and studied a few lessons, Then  he left home and spent several years in another country working, experiencing, living. Tired and rather dispirited, he returned to the States and walked into a restaurant one morning. There, he saw a young woman studying what he recognized as a Lemurian lesson. He never saw her again, but that experience inspired him to get back in touch with the Fellowship. He completed his own study. He now lives not far from Fellowship headquarters and participates regularly as an enthusiastic member of the Lemurian Order.

Any of these events could have meant nothing, but in the case of these five people, they were the beginning of a great spiritual adventure that changed the course of their lives.

There’s a right time to connect with the Lemurian Fellowship, a time when we need and want what it has to offer, and are ready for it, whether or not we consciously realize it.

How we found the Lemurian Philosophy may have seemed a random series of events, but looking back, we could see the pieces falling into place. We had to be in the right place at the right time to connect, or sometimes, to reconnect with the Lemurian Work.

Today, with the Internet, websites, and social media, finding the Lemurian Philosophy is easier. But there’s still a right time. People drive by our sign for years, and then one day they drive up the hill to ask what the Lemurian Fellowship is all about.

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