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First School in Lemuria

Early in Dr. Stelle’s history of Lemuria, taken from the Akashic Record, Rhu Ku and Hut Dan bring their chosen mates, Haitee and Marda, to the Elders. There the girls are taught much that Hut and Rhu had learned from these wise ones. Meanwhile, Rhu and Hut leave to recruit Plains, Cave, and Forest Dwellers for the pioneering trip to the Great Plains.

After settling on the Plains, the leaders returned to the Elders’ Cave. As Rhu said, “We are going to need their advice, for we are starting something that is going to change the lives of all the tribes. If we can bring harmonious understanding among the three divisions of our tribe, why can’t it be expanded to all people?”

Entering the great cave of the Elders, the two young men could see many changes, and after they greeted Haitee and Marda, Rhu said, “It looks like this is about to be used as a meeting place.”

The girls explained that it would be the first school in Lemuria. “It is to be a place for teaching others many things the Elders have already taught you two.”

first school in Lemuria
The Elders’ cave would be the first school in Lemuria

Hut’s face lit up. “I think this will be the solution for everything, Rhu. If we could get the leaders of the three groups trained by the Elders, there’s almost no limit to what we could do!”

When the four met with the Elders, Lithargos and Hiroto continued their training as leaders of the new society:

“Only this morning were you discussing a fair distribution among your forming citizenry. Because we must, according to the Great Law, get as we give, those who contribute most shall receive the most, be that what it may – good or bad.

“There shall be no taking of women by force in the new order. Peace can come only when all things are accomplished by peaceful means. Let no man take from another without giving an equal return. Deny no man the opportunity to serve to the best of his ability, but put no man to a task beyond his ability to perform. Thus will come only satisfaction and real accomplishment.”

This advice and much more helped Rhu and Hut through many problems when they returned to the Plains.

For the simple people gathering there, life had always been a struggle for survival with Nature or against other people.

Through cooperation , they were finding a new way of life offering security and happiness they had never known.

News of this spread quickly through the Mu tribe, and soon Rhu and Hut had requests from individuals and families to join them. They could see these people believed they had found a good thing, and just wanted in on it. Even as they asked, they made specific demands. It was clear their hazy ideas and selfish motives would create conflicts and destroy the harmony the pioneer group had built, but how would they expand and grow unless they admitted new people?

Just then, an Elder arrived on the Plains. He listened patiently as Rhu and Hut explained their problem, and then replied:

“It is for this reason that I am here. The Elders have been instructed to begin training those who would join you. They will be taught to work together so they will fit into the group and cooperate in activities here on the Plains.”

So began the first school in Lemuria and on earth, a school for citizenship in the new civilization. And this work continues in the mission of the Lemurian Fellowship today…training Initiate-citizens for the civilization to come.

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