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Nature’s Inspiration

“The wise orchardist knows the defective fruit is first to fall from the shaken tree. Only the good remains.” An Elder Brother

Lemurians around the world often develop a close affinity with Nature, instinctively sensing its positive influence and many benefits, and appreciating its confirmation of Lemurian principles. Of course, we are not the first to recognize Nature’s ability to help, inspire, and bring restfulness, learning and reflection. But especially recently, people have gained a whole new appreciation for what we have – and concern for what we may come to lose.

What follows is a celebration of Lemurian thoughts and observations as members learn to recognize the strength of God in Nature and how each of its manifestations can speak to us in a myriad of tones, colors, aromas and visions.

Many of us feel troubled at times by the noise of life. But sometimes when we stop to listen as one Lemurian observed, I am amazed when I think about how orderly and quietly things operate in nature . . . reminding us there is a purpose for everything, including ourselves.ˆ Another considered, It’s restful to enjoy the orderly activity of Nature and see the beautiful results. Such thoughts often lead us to discover parallels between the peace and structure underlying Lemurian principles and universal laws, and what Nature presents all around us.

In the quiet of an early morning, often the still calm of the new day can stimulate some thoughtful observations. If there are crows around, the other birds are silent. So if the song birds could be likened to my positive thoughts, and crows to negative ones, then how true it is that just one negative thought can wipe out any positive ones. So it’s up to me to make sure I hear the singing of the birds.

Another Lemurian reported: I watch a bug outside on the ground. Not concerned with me, but with the blades of grass he has to navigate up and over. Despite traffic nearby and the dearth of beauty around me, the little bug brings a peaceful moment. Even the peace of an interesting rock can affirm that Nature is here to tell us something sensational. My meditation takes my thoughts to the countless atoms making up its existence. Then my musings drift to our human life wave of egoic ‘atoms’ rubbing elbows. But how different the situation: we have the choice to control our destiny. How boundless the possibilities!

As Lemurians study, apply and benefit from the Lemurian Philosophy possibilities branch and bud in profusion. When we learn to listen, as another eloquently put it: Nature silently speaks to us in a language of its own. Observing Nature can present us with hope and inspiration. And how exactly does this inspiration and hope manifest? The balance Nature maintains helps us understand how we can deal with the good and the trying times with an even temper.

Nature expresses resilience, determination and adaptation, and I notice how these qualities are also used by humans as we make progress and advancement here on planet Earth.

With the changing season, one Lemurian drew inspiration from the simple but powerful image of one of the Catalpa trees that have lined the road to Gateway for at least 70 years . Resting her thoughts on the tree’s revival, resilience, and constant promise, she drew strength and inspiration. If a gloomy day starts to take hold, I will pull up these pictures and meditate on them. I bet if I listen closely I will hear the Catalpa whisper, “Brighter and more abundant days are ahead, dear friend, so don’t you worry!”






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