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New Life at Gateway This New Year

As I dream of new life at Gateway, the image before me is strong and intense, and I am absorbed in the wonder of it:

There is a complete absence of discordant noises. No sound of car horns, no screeching of tires from sudden stops. Everywhere there is a leisurely ease that can be found only where genuine peace of mind is enjoyed.

I wake from my nap with a start. Through the window, I peer into the damp gloom of a typical winter day. Hmm, and I thought I was in heaven! The traffic is building up on a late Friday afternoon. The scramble to rush homeward for the weekend is in full swing, with the unspoken motto: “Get in my way at your peril.” Suddenly, in the street below, I see a young woman rush across the road as the rain falls relentlessly. A taxi bearing down toward her is slow to react. Thankfully, the moment passes safely, but the shock on the face of one, and the grimace on the other, betrays the unhappiness it brought.

As I turn from the window, my thoughts revert to the pleasure of my dream that wasn’t really a dream. It is a snapshot of a future reality, the outworking of a deeply held desire to live more thoughtfully and cooperatively.

I am preparing for a journey that will take me closer to the reality of my dream, into the new life at Gateway. I am on my way to Ramona, California, home base of the Lemurian Fellowship. It’s a long way from England, but a trip well worth the time and investment. The sunshine there is more than just in the sky, it’s evident in the peace and happiness found in the harmonious activities of those at the nearby sister property, Gateway.

New Life at Gateway
Order members planing a board for the Crafts in the old Long Shop

Here, ordinary men and women live and work together intelligently and positively, creating a new and modern world, full of freshness and promise, a timeless permanence that draws visitors’ attention.

When I am at Gateway, observations like these pass through my mind:

Others listen quietly and attentively when I have something to say.

Two or more Lemurians work harmoniously on the task before them.

There’s an evident interest in who I am and how I can contribute to the good of all.

The tranquility and peace of the place surrounds me.

I’m not claiming perfection. Those who live and work here will be the first to admit that they have their share of faults. But there is a sustaining desire for something better. To work on beautifying character. To try to match a lovely material exterior with noble character qualities. Here, a possible and purposeful goal is taking shape. We are working toward the fulfillment of the greatest promise ever made – what Christ called the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Every time I visit Ramona, the ‘dream’ become a little more refined. And as I return home afterwards I learn to translate more of the magic of Gateway into myself and my everyday environment. Does that sound good to you? It sounded good to me when I made my first visits. And it still does, as I continue happily to add my best to the mix.

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