Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Is your life bringing you all you desire?
If not, have you thought about why?
Do you want to do something about it?

Happiness is a goal we all strive for.
It is a right endowed by our Creator.

People throughout the world share this longing for happiness. We want assurance of a bright future filled with promise. We yearn for a sense of security for our families and ourselves.

We’d like to know that the decisions we make and causes we set in motion today will bring beneficial results in our lives tomorrow.

But without a firm understanding of the laws of nature and God, many believe they are trapped in a web of circumstances they have little control over and from which there seems no escape.

Do you wonder why some people seem to have everything going for them and others don’t…why one marriage or business is successful when another is not…why some people suffer illness in spite of good health practices while others who seem to ignore the rules are free of problems? Or why some people live to a vigorous old age and others succumb early in life?

There are answers – logical, rational answers which will satisfy the most probing minds.

The answers to these and other vital questions can be found in a reliable, time-tested instruction manual for successful living called the Lemurian Philosophy.

Within its pages lie the keys for understanding life’s purpose and how to control your environment and destiny.

The laws established by our Creator are designed for our benefit. By using them, greater health, wealth and security are virtually assured, if those goals are important to you.

More important in the long run are the possibilities for human spiritual advancement and the growing ability to be of genuine help to others.

The study of God’s Laws increases awareness of God’s love for and interest in all of us.

The heartaches and disappointment that seem so troubling in many people’s lives can be reduced and ultimately eliminated. Sound incredible to you? Read on.

“I am grateful for the Lemurian Philosophy for teaching me to perceive my life as harmonious and well balanced in God’s Universe.“ – Gini

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