Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

What You Will Learn

So much is discussed in the Lemurian Philosophy that it would be impractical to try to list all the lessons contain. Here are a few of the more important subjects:


How well you understand and use natural laws determines whether you will succeed or fail, be happy or miserable, healthy or ill. These laws operate in your affairs every minute of your existence.

You will gain an understanding of the timeless laws established by the Creator, and learn to recognize their workings through the experiences you encounter in life.

The best known of these laws is The Law of Action and Reaction. Sir Isaac Newton defined this law in recent times. Christ described it in the Golden Rule. It has held the universe in balance since the beginning of time.

If this law alone were understood and followed by most of humanity, the world would be a truly wonderful place!

The Law of Precipitation (sometimes called The Law of Attraction) is another natural law and with its six basic steps you can bring into your life not only material things you desire, but important changes and improvements in your health, character, and relationships with others.


In all the wealth-building strategies and investment counseling available today, there seems little or no recognition that permanent economic security rests on a spiritual foundation. This connection is thoroughly explored in the Lemurian lessons.

How to develop a prosperity consciousness, control your spending, save and plan for your future, are combined with spiritual safeguards that create true security.


Because good health is so vital to happiness and accomplishment, the subject is thoroughly covered both from the physical and metaphysical standpoints. Mental and emotional health are also helpfully explored. We are approaching an era when, through a proper understanding of the relationship between our minds and bodies, people will eliminate much of the suffering and disease experienced today.


One lesson is devoted to marriage, family relationships, and how universal principles apply to these. Here you will learn why so many marriages fail and the requirements for attaining the ideal marriage. The matter of complementary Egos (sometimes referred to as “soul mates”) is also fully explained in this lesson.


Character building is at the core of the Lemurian training. The conscious development of the twelve basic virtues as set forth in the Lemurian Philosophy is of utmost importance to all who hope to progress spiritually.


Transition (physical death) and Reincarnation (physical rebirth) are clearly explained. Also clarified are misconceptions concerning Karma.


Here you will be given little-known facts about the formation of earth and how life came to be. You will learn about the higher planes – life waves beyond the human – and the role they play. You will discover the source of your egoic being, or spirit; why you are here today and what you may be able to accomplish in this life.

“Without platitudes and preaching, the Philosophy is a guidebook for handling the ins and outs of living life in a fast-changing world.” – Eric


Another lesson has been devoted to the true meaning of spiritual Initiation, what one must do to qualify for it, and why striving for this honor is so important to all who seek spiritual unfoldment.


Its operation, and how it affects one’s actions, reactions, and environment is an engrossing subject.


As the greatest treatise on universal law available to most people, the Bible is used to verify parts of the Lemurian Philosophy. Lemurian interpretations of the Bible have been taken directly from the Akashic Record – Nature’s infallible register of human events.

Questions that have puzzled humankind for countless generations are treated simply and logically.

The lessons clarify such mysteries as Adam and Eve, the serpent in the Garden, the forbidden fruit, the virgin birth of Jesus, and others. You will learn about Christ – His Advent, His Baptism, His Ministry, and His Ascension. Many who reach this point in the lessons express deep gratitude that a subject so profound has been so beautifully and satisfactorily interpreted.


Because the Lemurian Teaching is based on analysis of thousands of years of human endeavor, one of the lessons takes you back in history to the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as later prehistoric cultures such as Egypt and India. New light is shed on such matters as the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, the Ark of the Covenant, and the building of Solomon’s Temple.


The lesson entitled The New Order is often felt to be one of the most enjoyable. It takes the student into the future some 800 years after Armageddon for a privileged visit to three great cities of the forthcoming civilization – an educational city, an industrial city, and the capital, or governmental city.

Strange though it may seem, this is not an imaginary account, but the result of an extraordinary look into the future – a rare privilege accorded the author so he could incorporate an account of what was revealed to him into the Lemurian lessons.

The New Order of the Ages is not a Utopian dream or unworkable ideal set to materialize in some nebulous future age, but a concrete, workable formula for illumined living. Its beginning stages are in operation today, and greater expansion awaits only the necessary numbers of qualified members.

With all the lessons disclose, it becomes increasingly clear that humanity has the potential to build toward an incomparably wonderful goal and a new ideal of individual development.

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