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Reliable Virtue Precision Makes Us Dependable

Our progress depends on our attention to details. By giving these good thought, we develop mentally and can better meet more important issues. – Lemurian Philosophy

I had read these words about the reliable virtue Precision in my Lemurian study, but they really hit home when I found myself in a quagmire of paperwork, hunting for a single receipt. We needed this as proof of our car repair. And it was somewhere in the stacks of papers I’d set aside to file . . . someday. That day had arrived if I wanted to find that receipt!

No more wasting precious time digging through piles of paper! I decided to bite the bullet and use the good advice my Lemurian lessons offered. It took a few days of piles on the living room floor until it was organized – but it was worth it! And how satisfying to find the receipt and have everything neatly filed away.

Later, when mortgage rates dropped, it was to our advantage to refinance our mortgage. Anxiety started to build as I remembered the first time we refinanced, the hours sorting through receipts for information my husband needed to do the paperwork. Now, I’d have to do it on my own as he had set-in-stone deadlines at work. I felt completely inadequate to do this alone, but I had to so the house payment would be liveably lower. Setting my fears aside, I jumped in. With the filing I’d done earlier, it took just an hour to gather everything and get the job done. Now I was a believer in the reliable virtue Precision!

As long as I keep up with the filing, I have no trouble finding what I need when I need it, even under time pressure. And when something unexpected comes up, I can control my anxiety about handling the situation. I really get how helpful Precision is and how good it feels to be organized.

The reliable virtue Precision has become my friend. At a time when there’s so much said about how little time there is – how stressful life is – this virtue helps me free up time to meet the smaller daily challenges and handle the bigger ones more effectively. And as a Lemurian, this gives me precious time to fulfill my purpose in life and use my mind to grow spiritually.

Reliable Virtue Precision
Using Precision in the Lemurian Crafts

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