2017 Blog Comments You May Have Missed

2017 Blog Comments
The beautiful, peaceful grounds of Gateway

Dear Blog Watchers,

A belated Happy New Year to you!  Hope your year is off to a great start. We’re a little late getting started this year due to a website upgrade just completed. Here area few of the 2017 Blog comments  from the ream of those received,  starting with  two talking about  New Life at Gateway This New Year:

One of the most interesting observations anyone ever made about me came from a woman who works at my office. Dealing with my apparently less than ideal attitude, she said, “Shouldn’t you be going to Gateway again soon? You’re always so much more enjoyable to be around when you get back!” – Spencer

As one privileged to go to Gateway three times a week, I often get caught up in the tasks and don’t take time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there. It sometimes takes a visitor’s vantage point to remind us of this. – Ruth

From Blast of Understanding Brings Faith: I recently experienced a “blast of faith” myself and when I review what happened to me, I can’t escape my carelessness. I also have been protected, making me more aware and appreciative of the help I receive from the Elder Brothers. – Ted

From Fight or Forgive?: Forbearance, as displayed here, has the magic to return a situation to harmony and keep one on track emotionally, always important for me to remember in difficult situations I encounter! – Richard

From How Illness Helped Me: Aside from trying to put myself in your shoes and  understand how difficult it would be to meet this test with the strength and composure you did, you gave me an inspiring example of finding the importance of achieving balance in life. – Steve

Very moving. It’s terrifying to have such a serious health problem and fear the loss of your self worth. Finding a new perspective and peace in this reminds me I need to look beyond the outward things so I can think more about what really matters. – Sara

From Experience Teaches Best: Wonderful reminders of how much can be gained from what at first may look like irredeemable setbacks. If only we could learn as much from our successes as we do from our “failures” – might our path be smoother? – Christian

From Looking for the Good: One of the most powerful statements in the Lemurian Philosophy to me is that everything is working out for our greatest good. This is hard to fathom at the moment, but looking back I can see even the most difficult circumstances have worked out to my betterment. This knowledge calms my expectations of the future. – Rob

From Lemurian Metamorphosis Transforms Students: It’s encouraging every now and then to think about where I started and the Lemurian guidance that’s helping transform my life into a more pleasing and happy experience. How rewarding! – Oleg

Speaking of metamorphosis, whenever I visit Gateway, I arrive hungry, and leave full! – Chris

Every student who sincerely uses the Lemurian information changes for the better. These positive changes happen so gradually they’re hard to track in ourselves, but you can chart amazing transformations others bring about in themselves. They sacrifice old ideas not just to become more capable people but to help the group, and it warms the heart to know these individuals and be part of a community where selfless service is one of our highest goals, an essential element of personal advancement. – Connie

Sidestepping Insanity with Lemurian Wisdom

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Not long ago I seemed to be fulfilling this scenario, and sidestepping insanity became a high priority for me.

I work as a postal employee for the Royal Mail in England. I thoroughly enjoy my job and value my contribution to society, very content to be able to serve the public by delivering their mail. But not long ago, I moved to a new home which changed my several minute commute to one that took an hour. Now I dreaded going to work. I wasn’t happy about getting up so much earlier, the stress of driving in busy traffic, and how tired it was making me feel. It was affecting the way I viewed my job and my family relationships too. I wanted things to be different but they weren’t changing. One thing was for sure—unless I figured out some way of sidestepping insanity by changing something, it would continue.

One of the greatest advantages the Lemurian Philosophy has given me is the ability to bring positive change to my life and environment by changing my thoughts and attitude. And so I got to thinking. What if I looked at my situation in a different light? Why not recognize my daily commute as an opportunity to express a better outlook? As I began to mull over this new take on things, simple but powerful steps toward contentment began to materialize. As if a light switch had been turned on, I enjoyed seeing myself mentally making a difference in my daily activities.

I started putting into action what my Lemurian training had taught me.

I woke each morning with greater vigor and enthusiasm, embracing my power of choice. It was no longer a dark morning struggling to make itself known, but a new day about to dawn with fresh promise!

sidestepping insanity
No longer a dark morning but a new day about to dawn

Even though the roads I travelled might be congested, I chose to admire the changing array of color in the new dawn casting itself across the sky. And above the mundane sights and sounds of traffic were the swelling buds of spring on the surrounding trees.

When a driver behind pressed too hurriedly, I chose to understand his impatience and anxiety of the morning, and courteously moved over. Through simple but measured thought processes like these, I had a positive impact on my happiness. And if the drive became a little monotonous, I could think about and be thankful for all the good in my life. It became a pleasant game for me—seeking opportunities to see the good that is so readily available, building strength and well being into myself.

Isn’t this what contentment is all about? Although my world is not perfect, by using the Lemurian training to transmute my thoughts and outlook, I am taking important steps in that direction and hopefully having a beneficial influence on those around me too.

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