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A Lemurian Order Member’s Report

Without a true friend a man cannot discern the errors of his own actions. –– Chinese

Every year, Lemurian Order members review the past twelve months to discover where they’ve made progress and what more they need to work on to keep improving themselves and their lives. We asked one veteran member if we might quote parts of her report that reflect the help Lemurian students benefit from in their association with the Fellowship. She kindly agreed and here are her reflections:

This year I looked back at my wedding anniversary when my oldest daughter talked about how her father and I didn’t always agree, but did work things out. The girls never doubted we would stay together. I’m grateful that the years of “working things out” impressed our daughters and hope they will carry the good of this into their own lives.

Actually, I had no idea marriage would be hard –– that we wouldn’t just magically agree on everything and there would always be enough money. We were both independent spirits and not inclined to compromise, so there were some rough times. Real change didn’t come until we were both working on the Lemurian lessons. It was then that I gave up my “peace at any price” attitude and started speaking my mind without caring if I made my husband angry. That must have been when the girls saw a few arguments. I didn’t want them to, but evidently they learned parents aren’t perfect and disagreeing doesn’t mean divorce.

One problem that surfaced during this past year was my hearing. When my husband urged me to have it checked I bristled, denying I had a problem, blaming my allergies. I was NOT going to get hearing aids that are for old people who can’t hear! Then, he asked if I was vain enough to risk an accident because of not hearing. Grudgingly, I saw a doctor, learning that my hearing loss was caused by nerve damage correctible only with hearing aids. (Now, I was an angry old person who couldn’t hear!)

But the understanding audiologist explained everything, demonstrating various hearing aids. I left feeling much better about things, and when my aids arrived, I was surprised how natural the sound was and how comfortable they are. I felt fortunate to have a husband who cares enough to give me a push when I need one.

Nearing retirement now, I looked back over my career, remembering my disappointment in not getting the job I wanted and the rumor that the job I did get would soon disappear. I recalled the Lemurian Fellowship’s reassurance that, if I was following cosmic principles, things would work out well. Ten years later, I’m still working, while friends who landed more “desirable” jobs are now looking for other work or early retirement. Now I can see how things did work out for my best good, just as the Fellowship assured me.

Our thanks to our Lemurian student and friend for sharing these precious memories. They remind us how much we, too, have gained over many years of Lemurian living with the wise and steady guidance of the Great Ones.

Lemurian Order members gather for a break in our community building

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