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A Young Mother’s Reflections

As a mother, it’s not easy to describe how much I love my children. I assume all mothers love their children, but it gives me such a feeling of purpose and delight to have the luxury of watching them grow up, seeing them learn new things everyday and how excited they are by what they learn. Most especially do I value the opportunity to help them learn Lemurian ideals I was taught from as early as I can remember as a little girl.

I especially value the opportunity to help them learn Lemurian ideals

Each evening, we say a Lemurian Prayer at dinnertime. My twin 5-year-olds recite it with us and stumble through some of the bigger words, but hearing them say it is music to my ears. They love taking turns leading the prayer with the joy of knowing they get to say, “And so it is,” at the end. One evening my husband and I took a few minutes to try and explain what we were saying when we prayed. Some of it may have been lost on them and maybe they won’t remember it all, but it was wonderful to see them listening and watch their minds working. It was such a pleasure for all of us to take a moment and really dive deep into the meaning instead of just reciting it. When we allow ourselves to really hear what we are saying, it brings so much more meaning to the words, and reinforces each idea.

At bedtime, we also have a routine of saying our Lemurian bedtime prayer together. After we ask God to help us be more like Him, I ask my kids to take a moment and answer this question: “What is something good that happened today that you want to thank God for?” Sometimes the answer is something small like being thankful for the popsicle after dinner, and sometimes it’s more meaningful like hugs from Daddy, or a memory of riding the ATV with Grandpa at the ranch. Each day, they have a peaceful end to finish their day, and my hope is that it becomes a habit of having them review their positive experiences each night, with God, before they go to bed.

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