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Ancient Aliens – A Lemurian Take

Do you think of ancient aliens with feelings of concern or fear of what may be less than benevolent beings, possibly controlling or harming humanity? Or do you believe that they may actually be benign and beneficent? Some of the founders of the United States, such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were open to the idea that there is intelligent life throughout the universe and not limited to Earth. If that seems to resonate with you, then who is this intelligent life – who are “aliens?” And why would they take an interest in earth?

If we think of God as an omnipresent spiritual Being manifesting all around us, would He/She fall into the category of “alien?” There have been countless stories about Angels who have intervened in many amazing and dramatic ways in people’s lives. Perhaps they too are “aliens” in the sense that they are not physically embodied human beings and are in possession of miraculous powers. We tend to think of God, Christ and Angels as forces for good and love. So, if they are “aliens” is it safe to say that not all “aliens” are to be feared or even regarded as mysterious in the grand scheme of life? They have appeared to help humankind in countless ways.

Today ancient aliens are being given a lot of credit for discoveries of what seem to be early advanced cultures found around the world, from stone art to massive structures, including the Great Pyramid. We’d like to explain what we understand about this from information the founder of the Lemurian Fellowship received from the Akashic Record.

In Dr. Robert Stelle’s book, The Sun Rises, he describes Beings who came to assist mankind in developing the first civilization on earth. These Great Ones were explained as being Angels originally from Venus and Mercury. They were not considered “aliens” but rather, wise friends who were once part of a life wave corresponding to our human life wave, on their respective planets. They are more advanced than human beings, having progressed to the Angelic Plane, and have a sincere desire to be of help to earth’s people. They did so in the early days of forming the Lemurian Empire on the continent of Lemuria/Mu.

The assumption seems to be that mere human beings couldn’t have created the amazing architecture and stone art found throughout the world which don’t seem to fit into currently accepted theories. For example, who might have had a hand in creating Puma Punku, the Gate of the Sun, Nan Madol, or Saksayhaman?

Ancient Aliens
Nan Madol, Venice of the Pacific

What if human beings were given help from Angels and then built on the good they had been taught? Like any good teacher, wouldn’t these Great Ones instruct and then allow their pupils to learn by using what they’d been taught, even possibly surpassing it?

Human beings not only built stone structures we cannot duplicate today, but developed advanced technologies, including anti-gravity, that modern science has not yet equaled or surpassed. Though it may be easier to attribute all signs of early intelligence on earth to extraterrestrials, is it beyond considering that those people who listened to and made use of the guidance offered by advanced beings may have been able to advance their own spiritual and mental capabilities?

Most of us today are not as mentally and spiritually evolved as some women and men were in the distant past on Lemuria and later Atlantis. But if we are open-minded enough to consider that there may be more to mankind’s sojourn on earth than is considered as today’s “conventional wisdom” we may be able to begin to learn from the past and open a door to new understandings and spiritual growth yet to be discovered.

Though technology seems the most obvious outward evidence of an advanced culture, what about deeper spiritual values such as those that made the ancient civilization of Lemuria so great that it lasted over 50,000 years? The ability to develop anti-gravitational or other advanced capabilities could be remarkable, but wouldn’t these be more meaningful and safer in the hands of spiritually evolved people? The information about the Great Ones from Venus and Mercury in The Sun Rises centers on the spiritual values they gave to humankind to enable them to build a strong civilization and blend with one another. And from this selfless caring for one’s fellow man or woman, technology that benefits others is an outgrowth of such thought.

The Sun Rises also speaks of the Elders of our human family who had advanced beyond the ordinary people of their day. They progressed mentally and spiritually because of the thought they gave to the well-being of others and to living in harmony with God’s universal laws. All beings in the universe are governed by the same cosmic or God laws, regardless of their level of advancement. The main work of the Lords of Venus and Mercury and these Elders was to help early women and men learn how to live in harmony with the basic laws of the universe. They understood that if these truths were adhered to, it would bring peace, happiness and progress into their lives. As it did so, they were able to successfully band together to create a new civilization on earth, advancing personally and as a group.

Whether the thoughts shared in this article today seem to square with your thinking, or feel completely at odds with it, we encourage you to keep an open mind. Look into the growing evidence that civilization did not begin five or six thousand years ago but may have actually begun in a far distant highly interesting past. There is much evidence around the world of this fact and so much we do not yet understand about life and spiritual advancement. It’s exciting to know we’ve only begun to uncover the ancient past.

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