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Continent of Mu INDEX / Intro


The increase and greater ease of travel in the last fifty years means more and more people today are visiting and exploring the remnants of temples, walls, statuary, terraces, tombs, canals and roadways built from enormous blocks weighing from a few to hundreds of tons each. These enigmatic structures found on just about every continent and many islands around the world, were once accessible to scientific expeditions alone.

When people ask about the continent of Mu, or the evidence of the Lemurian or Mukulian Civilization, these various sights are the natural places to begin. Then they should read the existing explanations and do a little thinking for themselves. While science is piecing together the stories of these locations, science begins with a hypothesis based on known timelines, but the largest stones offer a challenge.

Why? Because as much as we know about world history and its people, indications are that these stones were laid long before. In some instances, there are not even legends about who placed the stones or built the massive structures of which they were a part. Science does not yet know how these edifices were erected, much less why.

Travelers in Asia who are alert to such things sometimes hear references to the Motherland to the east, and among the legends of Mexico and the South and Central American Indians, similar references are heard, except that they refer to the west. There are stories of the “Blue People,” the “Old Ones,” and the “Golden Race.”

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