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The Pacific Islands

The Mountains of Mu

In the tribal legends from the Maori of New Zealand, the Polynesians of Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa and the indigenous peoples of other Pacific islands come similar tales. Thousands of miles of rolling sea separate these islands, and most do not share similar languages. In the Americas, these same stories have been handed down for as long as there is any record or recollection. Today, we can see that certain similarities plainly indicate a common origin of some sort. Glyphs and relics found on various Pacific islands also reveal and refer to these same legendary peoples and races, as well as to a continent called Mu, or Lemuria.

Dr. Stelle, the founder of the Lemurian Fellowship, noticed these discrepancies during world travels he undertook from 1896 through about 1930. He was familiar with the standard scientific explanations for civilization on our planet, but what he saw and learned did not fit the standard model. Here is some of what drew his attention to the subject.

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