Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.


Fitting the Pieces Together

Dr. Stelle's Work

Just such questions interested the founder of the Lemurian Fellowship during his world travels. Because the answers formed an important part of the Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood, and because of his high degree of advancement, he was contacted by Masters of our human life wave, who helped Dr. Stelle fulfill the great purpose of his life.

Through many years of patient labor, bit by bit, and item by item, this priceless knowledge has been garnered until the history of Mu was pieced together, and with it a new vision of the world as it will be when men and women choose to live in peace and harmony for the good of humanity. Revealed in the Lemurian Philosophy are facts about the so-called lost civilizations and the later migrations of the people who populated their golden cities. Clues were buried long ago in the buildings and glyphs around the globe, awaiting the time when those with a sincere desire to know would find and interpret them. The people who built them had an almost superhuman knowledge of the Science of Being, their philosophy of life frozen into blocks of stone, the last of which is known as the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

That a race of intelligent, industrious, thoughtful people spread their knowledge around the world distant in the past, is becoming an unavoidable fact today. But science will find its way to this conclusion slowly, laboriously, only as the proof is found and placed in the order of its age. Until the proof is found, it may be difficult to believe that human beings, just like us, built and learned and dreamed great dreams; then faltered, and lost their way.

Bear in mind that we have discussed only those cities and monuments still above water. What do you imagine remains underwater?

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