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Beating Accusations with Lemurian Faith

Seeing the principal at the door of my orchestra classroom surprised me. She doesn’t usually make “house calls,” so I knew something unusual was up. But what she said really disoriented me: One of my students accused me of hitting her!

My head whirled, everything moved into slow motion as these words sank in. I tried to think what could have brought this on. Then I remembered the day before, Alexis kept playing her violin after I signaled the orchestra to stop. More signals and words had no effect, so I walked over to her and lifted her bow arm off the violin. That was the only thing I could think of that might have triggered this.

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Alexis kept playing her violin after I signaled the orchestra to stop

When I told my husband that evening, at first he laughed out loud, waiting for the punch line. But the following days were no laughing matter as the principal interviewed other students and my teaching assistant about what had happened. Meanwhile, Alexis kept coming to class, greeting me with her big smile as though nothing had changed. It was a little surreal.

The day came for our meeting with Alexis’ mother.

The principal asked how I could stay so calm with this tornado swirling around me. Didn’t I know accusations like this, even if untrue, could ruin careers?

I told her my Lemurian Training helps me know how to handle any situation, and that brings a sense of security. My faith keeps me strong because I know what happens is for the best. I can’t change what another thinks or does, but I can control my reactions. This gives a degree of serenity and personal power over whatever happens around me.

We watched Alexis’ mother approach the school. She caught us off guard with a friendly greeting. Instead of being upset, she talked about her recent divorce and the fun things she and Alexis were doing together. When there was finally an opening, the principal brought us back to the reason for our meeting, and what she had learned from her interviews. They indicated there had been some contact, but no hitting. Even so, I was asked to apologize, and I did. Then the whole thing melted away.

In a surprise ending, Alexis asked to be in my class the next semester. I wonder if the accusation and the attention it drew were excuses for bonding between this daughter and her mother, or maybe a reaction to the difficult emotions of the divorce. I may never know for sure. But what’s important is what I learned and the added layer of strength it gave my Lemurian faith.

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