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Behind-the-Scenes Help

If men’s desires and wishes be laudable, heaven will certainly further them. – Chinese

How do the Elder Brothers interact with us? I know how to communicate on the physical plane, but I often wonder how the Great Ones extend their behind-the-scenes help. An experience many years ago started me putting pieces of this puzzle together.

Our children were two and five years old when we moved to Texas. After we were settled, my parents shipped us a beautiful piano I had grown up with and learned to play on. I was thrilled, and started getting reacquainted with the instrument We found a Disney song book and had fun singing songs with the children as I accompanied them on the piano..

Along with the music my parents sent with the piano I found an album of short songs my father had composed He was a pianist, musician and composer, but I didn’t know much about his work. So it was exciting to examine these songs to see what I could learn about my dad. And right at this time I became an Order member.

Behind-the-scenes help
Lemurian Children’s Prayer decorated by a Youth student

Soon after this I got a letter from the Fellowship about a children’s prayer Dr. Stelle had written, wondering if it could be set to music. I had no training in composition and had never tried anything like this before. But with the enthusiasm of becoming an Order member and wanting to contribute something to the Work, I felt excited and unusually confident. So I said, “Why not?” I could at least give it a try. I had nothing to lose.

Thinking of the endless possibilities for writing music to fit Dr. Stelle’s words, at first I felt overwhelmed. But as I studied how my father’s songs were put together, gradually a melody for the Children’s Prayer took shape. After what seemed like a lot of sweat, trial and error, the piece was completed and  sent to the Fellowship.

Behind-the-Scenes Help
Gradually a melody for the Children’s Prayer took shape

Much later, I can look back and realize how many different conditions came together to form the inspiration of behind-the-scenes help that encouraged me to try something I had never done before. The timing was so perfect, I’m convinced of the Elder Brothers’ fine hand and support in setting the stage. I just had to do my part to take advantage of the opportunity. Another key to the success that I didn’t know then but can see now, is that this musical prayer was going to benefit the Fellowship’s work with the Youth Training. That was surely one reason the help was extended.

Interestingly, soon afterward and encouraged by this success, I tried to write another composition just for fun. But this time, behind-the-scenes help and inspiration were missing, and any further interest in pursuing this direction soon dissipated.

Today I better understand why it is to our benefit to get to know the kindly Elder Brothers as our friends. Attunement with their help, and acceptance of their guidance, can help us achieve some amazing accomplishments for the benefit of the Work!

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