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Blast of Understanding Brings Faith

Sometimes, disturbing events can shake our faith in what we believe.

And faith has always been a challenge for more or less balanced people seeking a spiritual path. Their high ideals draw them toward it, yet their practical caution raises doubts. We know that understanding brings faith, and for those who do find the path that’s right for them, there are always reassurances along the way, just as there are warning signs for those on a false trail.

Students of the Lemurian Philosophy have their struggles with faith too. Sometimes the proofs we need come in dramatic ways, as they did in this early experience.

In the 1940s there was much hard physical work at the Lemurian Fellowship’s Ramona site. Three buildings had been constructed by hand using concrete blocks the staff and students produced themselves, one by one. At the site of the fourth building, some blasting was needed to clear the large boulders they encountered.

In those days, you simply went to the hardware store and bought dynamite. One of the Fellowship staff, Carl, had considerable experience with blasting. He and a helper set and lit a charge, then moved away a safe distance. When it failed to detonate within what they thought was a reasonable time, they came forward to investigate. It exploded, injuring both of them, Carl more seriously.


Understanding brings faith
It exploded, injuring both of them

Some Fellowship students, young in understanding, believed this should not have happened if the Fellowship was protected by the Masters, and asked Dr. Stelle about this. Here is his reply.

“I have done a great deal of thinking about the dynamite incident, but he who most seriously injured himself offered the best explanation, to which I attach a great deal of importance. Now, as to some reason for the happening, aside from the carelessness:

“There are many who often question whether there are Masters, whether the Great Work is all it seems to be, if it is directly under Their supervision, and as to the authenticity of the Work. Carl said he had often been prey to these very things and that, while his reason told him everything was exactly as we say it is, still there was in his mind, at times, lingering doubt based on previous experiences with different occult organizations.

“Doubts like these die hard, but understanding brings faith, and having had plenty of experience with dynamite, Carl realized something of what had transpired. After the incident, someone said they wondered why Carl was willing to keep working here when this had happened, and whether he didn’t feel that the Work could not be under the Masters’ guidance and protection.

“Carl said his reaction had been exactly the opposite. With his knowledge of the power of dynamite, he realized that nothing but the intervention of some high source could possibly have prevented his and the other worker’s being blown to bits. Plus they have come through practically without suffering, and their recovery has been so marvelously rapid, there could no longer be any question in his mind.

“Frankly, if the entire experience did nothing more than satisfy Carl with the authenticity of this Work, it would have been worth ten times the delay and inconvenience involved, for after all, if he who was most seriously injured so regards it, who are we to attach any less importance to it?”

All I have seen makes me trust in all I have not seen. – Emerson

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