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Bucking Family Tradition Was Best

family tradition
Nursing wasn’t my first choice, but I decided to try it

Nursing wasn’t my first career choice but I decided to try it at a college where my grandmother went and my grandfather had taught. Since medicine is the family tradition, to say they were proud and excited is an understatement, and since they were important to me, this felt good. But medicine wasn’t a burning desire, just a natural choice. And the next year, I found my true calling. By this time, I’d studied the Lemurian Philosophy longer than I’d been in nursing school and I wanted to devote my life to others through the Lemurian Program.

After months of agonizing, I wrote my grandparents that I would leave school. They were clearly disappointed. My grandmother called with questions from my grandfather. When I asked to speak to him, she said she would relay my answers. Several letters and calls from her brought more questions. It was strange and intimidating, but knowing they were having a hard time with my decision and were concerned about me, I answered as best I could.

My growing understanding of cosmic principles already enabled me to handle the situation with my grandparents in a kinder, less emotional way than I would have otherwise. While I was sorry to disappoint them, I knew the decision was right for me. My philosophy confirmed that we must each decide the right path for us in life, not follow a path just because of tradition or others’ desires. And there was more to it:

When you follow a path truly right for you, make your own decision based on your best understanding, it can help loved ones.

When I first read this concept, I was intrigued but had no experience seeing how it worked. Soon, this crisis with my grandparents demonstrated its truth.

Just then my grandmother’s appendix was removed so she couldn’t care for the house, cook, or do laundry. She asked if I would come for two weeks to help. Wondering how this would work out with the strain in our relationship, I went.

During my stay, little was said about my career change until one morning my grandfather asked me out for the day. He wanted to show me the hospital where he consulted, and take me to lunch. During those precious hours alone with this man who had always inspired admiration and a little intimidation, he explained how proud he had been of my following the family tradition.

After I explained why I changed course, he said he was very proud of my strength and maturity in not giving in to a couple of older, more traditional people who were thinking more of themselves than me. I didn’t completely agree, knowing they were concerned with what was best for me, but I appreciated his saying this. It was a great day, and I had a similar talk with my grandmother, coming away feeling much closer to both of them. I am so grateful for the guidance of the Lemurian Philosophy that helped me work things out with my grandparents in a way truly best for all of us.



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