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Coming Together

Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them. – Chaim Weizman

 As our Lemurian group at Gateway and the Fellowship draws closer together in thought and action, we are coming to realize that our finest efforts and accomplishments are less individual, and increasingly a harmonious combining of the best perceptions and actions of all of us. Here’s a down-to-earth example.

Last week we had a water emergency, not uncommon with the 80-year-old buildings we live and work in here at the Fellowship. The tub and toilet in the bathroom of one apartment were backing up, and one resident there was under the weather, so this was something we wanted to fix very soon. The staff member who was alerted to the problem called two others and we put our heads together. We called our plumber, Jim – a long shot because Jim is busy and can take up to a week to respond to a call. The one who called was told Jim’s voicemail box was full and we couldn’t reach him. But one of the others had his cell number and got hold of him. Jim said he would be here later that day or the next, which was promising.

Meanwhile, we tried everything we could think of short of Drano, since Drano can damage a porcelain finish. We plunged the tub and toilet drains, blasted both drains with a hose, to no avail. One of us thought of outdoor cleanouts so we tried using a hose there. Just as we ran out of ideas, Jim arrived with his truck and a plumber’s snake, and in 15 minutes cleared the clog in the underground pipe and all was running smoothly.

Another plumbing challenge, this time at Gateway

Cooperation was crucial to our success, of course. One of us alone might not have been able to reach the plumber, or wouldn’t have thought of the outdoor clean-outs, or had the help to move hoses and locate plungers. And two other Lemurian axioms contributed to our sense of accomplishment.

One is the truth that when we have done all we can to solve a problem, we earn help from the unseen side. It was only after we had tried all we could think of that Jim pulled up in his truck, only an hour after he was called, rather than a week later.

The second truth that inspired our work that day was a statement that’s been ascribed to Ronald Reagan and others: “There’s no limit to the amount of good you can do when you don’t care who gets the credit.” We didn’t hear anyone bragging about his personal achievement with our plumbing emergency, but they did brag about what others accomplished. That’s Lemurian.

A somewhat larger plumbing job at the Fellowship water tank

The Fellowship’s Blog is another good example of our working together. These short articles posted to our website each month draw on the wisdom and experience of the Fellowship’s founder and many of its teachers, Order members, and students culled from their writings over many years. Most of the writers were unnamed because, as one of them said, “I’d rather have the credits than the credit,” referring to the universal “treasures in heaven” we earn when we perform a constructive act for the sheer joy of helping others and without seeking praise or recognition.

The blog has been one way Lemurian Order members based across the country and in other parts of the world could work together with the hope of reaching others who would respond to our aspirations and accomplishments, and want to join us. It became more of a place where students and Order members especially could talk about our shared heritage and each other’s written experiences, and it has been interesting and fun.

Now, we want to move in new directions to reach more of those who don’t realize the good thing we have going here. Order members have begun working on short videos to be placed on our website soon, and we believe this can be a start. Many of you who have been loyal followers of the blog these last six years are already working on your own video scripts, and these should soon begin appearing on the Fellowship’s web page. May this step be just as interesting as the blog articles have been, and even more effective in forwarding the Work!





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