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Distance is No Deterrent for this Lemurian Who Lives in England

While on holiday in Australia far from my home in England, I visited a bookstore and found information about Atlantis, reincarnation and more. But an even more intriguing discovery for me that day was the existence of the Lemurian Philosophy. Thus began my association with the Lemurian Fellowship in Ramona, California, which has continued for over 25 years. The Fellowship’s gentle, non-invasive advice and guidance based on universal laws, have provided Lemurian solutions to my most challenging problems. I learned, too, about the Masters, who can respond to our needs as quick as thought. Though almost 6,000 miles separate my hometown from the Fellowship, today our communication is by electronic instant messaging and the distance is no deterrent. It can truly be said that the Lemurian Fellowship helps us wherever we may be.

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