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Extremes or Moderation and Balance?

Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues. – Joseph Hall

Today’s keyword must be EXTREME! Extreme sports, politics, candy, drinks, flavors, electronics, escapes and more drown out the subtler tones like a rock concert makes it hard to hear life’s normal sounds for awhile. In all the noise there’s little space for the gentler peace of moderation and balance. Do these terms seem boring in the extreme to you? Or do the quieter vibrations of moderation and balance resonate at some deep level as you search unconsciously for the serenity these qualities promise?

How would you rate your personal balance? Is your schedule hectic, filled with too much to do? Do you gulp down fast food because you’re too busy or tired and just want to feel good, hoping those fries will do it? All of us crave exhilaration in meeting the day’s events and complementary times of peaceful rest. But how can we experience that if our calendar alarm launches us full tilt through our waking hours?

Counterintuitive as it seems, things begin to settle into place if we can get off the merry-go-round long enough to slow down, be still, and listen. At first the hectic pulse of life outside your door may seem to make this impossible. Your mind races off in seven directions. You may feel extremely uncomfortable being alone with your own thoughts at first. But on the other side of that discomfort beckons a sense of tranquility and self-control well worth the effort. Are you strong enough to calm your unruly thoughts, turn off your phone, TV, or computer and explore the wonders of quiet reflection?

In these precious moments, can you talk with God about yourself, your life, your fears and your gratitude, and trust He is listening? And as they tell us to do on a flight, put your oxygen mask on first, so you can help others with theirs.

Why make that effort? Because, if the most important requisites for human spiritual advancement could be summed up in two words, they would be moderation and balance.

 A fanatic can’t be moderate because he closes his mind to everything that doesn’t agree with his view. He refuses to consider any except his own which gets narrower and narrower until it becomes a rut. Fanaticism, prejudice and intolerance bring so much human misery. Moderation, open-mindedness, and tolerance lead inevitably to balance, understanding, and inclusion.

To make important progress as human beings, our lives must be lived in a way that equalizes spirituality, mentality, and materiality. As we move closer to that beautiful balance, real advancement comes within reach. You can prove this for yourself. Pick one place where you know you go overboard. Maybe when you talk about something you’re deeply interested in, you over-embellish and say too much. You know how this affects you when you hear it. But how restful and interesting to listen to someone who is moderate in his voice and his words. Almost always, moderation is more convincing and reassuring than wild enthusiasm.

So start today to use moderation and balance in all you say and do. Consciously reach toward that peaceful, controlled outlook so characteristic of those like the Masters, who are really advanced, knowing the nearer we come to balance, the closer we are to earning a place in the better world of tomorrow, and the more we can help those around us.

Why not try it for a week? Let us know what happens. We would be most interested.

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