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What Is God and Where Do I Find God?

A young man wrote the Fellowship asking “What is God and where do I find God?” A vital question to ask as we continue our spiritual journey this lifetime!

What Is God
What Is God and Where Do I Find God?

Christ said two laws are more important than all others: to love God with all our heart and with all our being, and to love our fellow human beings as we love ourselves. These are the twin paths to knowing God. Believing in and loving God is one path that leads naturally to loving others. Or we may begin with our love of others and through this, find God.

Many of us have an innate sense of a higher power, a greater Intelligence behind the orderly operation of the universe and the events of our lives. But those who question or doubt need some help to reason toward this understanding, and as they make this effort, their faith grows stronger.

The truth that God is good is a starting point. Those who recognize God’s presence in themselves, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or any God-centered faith, have one universal quality in common. They’ve learned to recognize that all we do either reflects God or it doesn’t. They’ve learned things they can do that reflect God more strongly in themselves.

In a family, marriage, or with friends, we often do unselfish things for each other. Have you noticed how your love for someone deepens when they perform some kindness for you? And haven’t you done things for them just to see the joy on their faces and experience the happiness this brings?

Sometimes, the depth of this love becomes most evident when someone you love dies. You know the ache of losing them, the feelings of loss. Having someone you can freely give your kindness and love to is priceless. You love being able to share yourself, your deepest thoughts, your dreams with someone close. You could do this with anyone, but there are some with whom these feelings have grown over time, so instead of spreading these acts of love to all we meet, we reserve them for those we trust to respect them. By doing this, do we limit our expression of God, and thereby, our recognition of God?

When children leave home for the first time, unless they have learned to reach out easily to others, there will be a noticeable hole in their lives. It will be a lonely time and they will feel homesick. Those who have learned to let others into their lives and give of themselves will soon find those they can love and who will love back.

Secrets about the nature of God are more easily discovered in the heart than in the head. Look for God through the good you feel and experience. If you go contrary to God and what the Creator represents your whole basis of belief will flicker and grow dimmer until it is all but undetectable. But practice being your best and your understanding of God will increase. Try to live as God intended humans to act toward each other, and you will find God.


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