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How Lemurians View Reincarnation

I look upon death to be as necessary to the constitution as sleep. We shall rise refreshed in the morning. – Franklin

Lemurians View Reincarnation
“If I could only start life again . . . “

If I could only start life again . . .   If you could, what would you change?  You’ll have a chance to make those changes, and any others you may want to try, because you will have another lifetime. Actually, as Lemurians view reincarnation, you’ve already had hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes on earth, and you’ll have many more before you fulfill your purpose here.

The first important truth Lemurian students learn is that the purpose of human existence is to learn how to control our lives and destinies. The first humans, ignorant and innocent, could not possibly reach that goal in one short lifetime, so God gave us as many incarnations as we need to evolve mentally and spiritually as well as physically.

Why is rebirth – reincarnation – an essential part of our ongoing for so much of our time on earth?

We genuinely want to learn how to help others in the best ways, to be kinder and more patient under difficult circumstances, and someday to become advanced to the point where we can easily handle every situation without anger, frustration, or hopelessness. Obviously, to learn all the lessons human life can teach us will take many, many years. We don’t yet have the understanding of health and the human body to prolong our lives much beyond a century, and few reach that age.

Also, many of us – though not all – gradually lose the phenomenal ability to learn and grow that we had as children. We seem to develop a tough, rigid shell as we age so that, like the cicada, we must eventually split that old casing and fly away in another form so our lives and learning can continue. Only by incarnating in a new body, with much of our past experience withheld from us, can we begin again to really learn and grow.

Lemurians View Reincarnation
Only by reincarnating in a new body can we begin again.

Yet we know this pattern of transition or rebirth is not the ultimate. As we learn more about life and how to live it properly, we are prolonging our lives and learning well into later years. A hundred years ago, life expectancy in the U.S. averaged 51 years. Today, it’s 79, giving a newborn baby almost 30 extra years! And we’re just getting started. As we uncover and accept the role our mind plays, and learn to use it for our greater benefit, each lifetime can be fuller and more successful in helping us learn the lessons important to us. Eventually, we will be able to extend our lives practically as long as we choose, making our progress much more rapid as the years out of incarnation – and in infancy and childhood – no longer interrupt our learning and accomplishment here.

The Lemurian Philosophy tells us of those who have already fulfilled their purpose here on earth, and learned everything human life is designed to teach us. They are known as Masters, or Elder Brothers, and they have gathered together into Brotherhoods so they can most effectively work together to help the rest of us reach our ultimate goal, too. (While not all are male Egos, those of this development chose the term Elder Brothers as a way to help us view them as friends who love us.)

Mastership is far in the future for most of us, but even now, we enjoy many advantages that people have made possible through their unusual personal growth and creativity. If we think of the prehistoric cave man who lived a short, brutish life struggling to survive, we can be very thankful for the many aspects of intelligence people have developed over countless centuries that bless us with the comforts and pleasures of our lives today.

Why is it taking us so long? God also established universal laws or rules to be followed to keep all things in balance. Those who follow these rules succeed in what they attempt, and move steadily toward their life’s goals. But doing what’s right doesn’t seem appealing to all of us and we don’t always want to follow these laws. Instead, we choose objectives that are not in harmony with life’s purpose or the laws of the universe, and we fail to progress, or even lose advancement we had made.

Can I come back as a flower or a dog? A lighthearted idea, but that’s not reincarnation, it’s transmigration, the belief that we can be demoted to animal or plant form in our next life. We are human, and we will return as humans until we either reach life’s goal, or fail to. The rewards of human advancement are great; the pain of avoiding life’s purpose is agonizing. Which will you choose?

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