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How the Masters Help Us – Little Miracles

We know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

Knowing how the Masters help us strengthens our faith. Lemurians often sense this  help in ways that seem perfectly natural, often subtle, but sometimes very dramatic.

How the Masters Help the Fellowship

When we put up our first Fellowship buildings during World War II, you couldn’t buy cement without a government priority. But an unexplained shipment to the local hardware store enabled us to build, years before this material was generally available.

In the 1967 Ramona wildfire, much of our property burned except for the homes and office. Looking over the smoking ruins, a staff member saw flame burst from the ground at a gasoline pump, and steeled himself for the expected explosion. Instead, he said, the flame was snuffed out, as though someone had blown out a birthday candle.

Forty years later, in 2007, the Witch Creek Fire swept through the Lemurian Fellowship’s Gateway property, scorching the brush-covered hills and meadows all around us. At its height, the firestorm roared toward apartments the staff had just left to shelter in a more protected building. Fifteen-foot sheets of flame consumed the bank in front of the apartments as we watched with helpless dread.

We were sure our apartments were a total loss, but amazingly, they were untouched. Of fourteen buildings on Gateway, only one small shed burned and another was damaged. Hundreds of acres of sage and scrub looked like a moonscape, but our chapel, homes, shops, and community building survived.

Gateway West End Showing Burned Hills Around Intact Buildings
Gateway West End Showing Burned Hills Around Intact Buildings

How the Masters help Lemurian students

For a personal story from the 2007 fire, read our post, “Spiritual Help in a Firestorm.”

A Lemurian student was working to improve people’s lives on a small Pacific island. On the day a ship arrived to carry him to the main island of his district, he felt extremely tired. Noticing tiny red spots on his legs and arms, he was shocked to recognize scurvy. Vitamin C was vital to avoid a fatal hemorrhage, but none was available there. On the voyage to the big island he slept on deck, and woke next morning with a large bruise on the hip he had slept on. And a blood clot in his mouth! His blood vessels were beginning to leak and he was in mortal danger.

Reaching the main island, he stopped at the Post Office for mail. There was a package from home with a bottle of vitamin C he had asked his dad for months earlier, and forgotten about. It probably saved his life. But if the ship had not come on the precise day he realized he had scurvy, he might never have reached the post office.

The other day our treasurer went to the bank. Stopping first at another store, she was chagrined when the cashier there kept her talking for several minutes. When she finally reached the bank, she found it had been robbed a few minutes earlier.

These few examples show how the Masters help us just when we most need it, the timing of these “rescues” too perfect to be coincidence. Our lives have  a purpose, and when we are sincerely trying to fulfill that purpose and help others in keeping with universal principles, we are helped. We are humbly grateful for this aid from these Great Ones and try to live in ways that will continue to earn their matchless guidance and support.

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