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How to Slow Down and Start Living!

How To Slow Down and Start Living
Overlooking the Ramona Back Country

There is more to life than increasing its speed. – Gandhi

Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! The news, the internet, TV, radio, or just ask Siri! How to slow down and start living is the urgent need of our time.

With so much information at our fingertips and in our faces, it’s hard for people to get why they should investigate the Lemurian Philosophy, and even harder to slow down enough to actually try it. After all, if you’re interested in Mu, there are countless books and websites offering every shade of interpretation of this term, from the sublime to the ridiculous. So why turn to the Lemurian Philosophy?

Many of us got into this study because we were interested in Lemuria, Atlantis, or ancient Egypt, and we’ve learned a lot. But that isn’t why we decided to make this philosophy our way of life. That came from digging into the Lemurian information to understand its principles and appreciate its wisdom, then learning  to use these with the Fellowship’s help until we discovered for ourselves what they can do for us.

Take the Lemurian virtues. Everyone thinks they know what virtues are, and so what? Why bother to be kind when many people aren’t, or even take advantage of your kindness? “I could be tolerant if I wanted to, but I don’t see the point.” Easy to say we could express a virtue if we wanted, but not so easy when you actually make the commitment to do it, no excuses. And you have to do it to find out what the point is.

If you’re like most of us, once you’re persuaded to improve your virtues, or at least try, you might decide to use patience for a day. You hold it in the back of your mind as you go to work. “Be patient” rings in your ears and you plan ahead for a couple of ways to be patient. But this takes a few tries, it turns out, because you keep running into people who need someone to set them straight, and others who clearly do not deserve your patience. But at last, you find the perfect conditions to wait twenty or thirty seconds longer before blowing your stack, and you feel a warm sense of accomplishment from using patience. That glow lasts about ten minutes, before some so-and-so does something to set you off again. But, no matter, that night you carefully document these events and, having conquered patience, set off next day to master kindliness.

At that point, of course, you’ve made only the barest start at developing the power of patience, but it was a start. You realize just reading about patience, no matter how spiritual it makes you feel, doesn’t confer the hard-won knowledge only using patience can bring. The patience to control ourselves and inspire others with confidence in us will never be ours until we pledge, “I really want to become a finer person, and I’m going to start with patience (or courage, or precision).”

There are eleven other virtues just as powerful and effective as patience to work on. But patience is a great one to start with, because it helps us slow the frenetic pace of our days so we can begin to recognize the wonderful possibilities, opportunities, sights, sounds and people around us. As much as anything, patience can help us learn how to slow down and start living, relax, and begin to truly enjoy the precious gift of life.

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