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Lemurian Engineer’s Perspective

We learn the ropes of life by untying their knots – Toomes

If you’re looking for a good way to handle life’s problems (because we all have them), check out the Lemurian Philosophy. From an engineer’s perspective,  it has straightforward lessons to study and time-tested principles to apply in your life.

I recommend it to anyone because it’s helped me be a better person, especially in my relationships with others.

Lemurian Engineer's Perspective
The Philosophy teaches you how to use principles that really work

From an ex-Army,  businessman’s and  engineer’s perspective, I’m more about numbers than people. Numbers and physical laws are consistent, predictable, rational, and don’t yell back.  In comparison, people can be fuzzy, unreliable, even irritating.  On the other hand, numbers are not joyful, happy, or loving, but people can be.  Studying the Lemurian Philosophy helps me recognize and appreciate the priceless value of people I encounter, work with, and live with.

There is also a practical reward in addition to the enjoyment of others’ company.  As a husband, father, or manager in government agencies, using what I study in the Philosophy helps me work better with others.  Whether as subordinate or boss, I’ve been more successful in earning others’ trust and respect over time by using the Philosophy in difficult work situations and at home. It  helps me be more effective whether with an employee, company president, an aggressive driver, or the guy next door.

Here are a couple of everyday examples:

While on the road, I’ve caught myself getting irritated at other drivers. I think just about everyone does this. I’ve practiced just stopping thinking about the other drivers, and experienced a sense of peace.

Emotional reactions to a husband or wife are something every married person understands, and I’m no exception. I decided to temper my reactions by just accepting what my wife was saying. One morning when I found the door unlocked, I asked my wife if she’d gone out and forgotten to lock it. When she said no, at first I couldn’t believe it, but just accepted that I forgot to lock it and let it go. Rather than argue with her, I accepted what she said and felt a sense of peace. It was a new kind of connection that I haven’t felt before. It’s a terrific feeling that I don’t have the words to describe, except that it’s something anyone would want.

These solutions sound very easy until you try them. Actually, these successes are the result of many years of using the Lemurian Philosophy to work with myself. Countless self-help books offer hundreds of ideas of what to do to be happier. The Philosophy teaches you how to use time-tested principles that really work, and Lemurian Fellowship teachers are always there to guide you through the hard spots and help you keep improving your techniques.

I’m glad I decided to give it a try.

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