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Lemurian Tradition Verified By Discovery!

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STUDY REVISES TIMELINE ON ARRIVAL OF HUMANS, blared the headline on page one of The San Diego Union-Tribune. We knew it would happen! So it’s great to have Lemurian tradition verified by scientific proof that people actually lived on a continent where the Pacific Ocean lies now!

Understandably, the scientific community is not quite ready to make that quantum leap from the evidence recently reported in the news. They have to take things a careful step at a time, we know. But as a start, at least some are willing to say that a recent discovery in San Diego pushes back their estimates of when early man first showed up on the American continent by many thousands of years.

Lemurian tradition verified
All the excitement is about mastodon bones

In case you missed it, all the excitement is about mastodon bones found at a construction site during freeway expansion here in San Diego. The bones were broken in a way that early humans used to get to the nutritious marrow, and then were made into useful tools. Surprisingly, this discovery happened 25 years ago, but only now have tests of uranium decay in the bones dated the site to 130,000 years ago – much before the 14,000 year estimate generally believed to be the earliest humans had been present on the American continent.

Those who have studied the Lemurian Philosophy, or taken a careful look at the Map of Mu the Fellowship has made available to the public, realize that the ancient Lemurian continent included much of the western United States including California. So the present site of San Diego was part of the Rhu Hut Plains of Mu 130,000 years ago as well as 50,000 years later, closer to the time when the world’s first civilization got its start on those rolling plains.

Until this fact is more generally accepted, the mastodon bones, which show evidence of damage by human tools, will seem to indicate that early humans lived on, or at least visited, North America all those millennia ago. (The tribal chairman of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation said “It’s an exciting surprise and definitely does fit in line with the traditional creation story of the Kumeyaay people.”)

But the question may well arise, how did those very primitive people manage to get here? It has long been assumed that the North American continent looked then as it does now, and the earliest people came from Asia, across a land bridge believed to have existed between what is now Siberia and Alaska. But as we know from Lemurian Philosophy, until the sinking of Mu, much of our present North America was mud flats. So rather than having to cross a trackless ocean or trek thousands of miles over frozen land bridges, these ancient hunters could simply have killed and dined on their shaggy prey on the eastern edge of their own homeland – Lemuria!

Daniel Fisher, a professor of paleontology, said “This is San Diego’s chance to contribute to the knowledge of human history.” We can hope the researchers will be inspired to probe beyond the appearance of their find, to the reality of the great continent that was home to the first and greatest civilization on this planet.

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