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Lemuria’s Blue Messengers

Old legends of a Blue Race began with Lemuria’s Blue Messengers.

Early in the history of Mu, citizenship schools were set up in the tribal valleys. Some way of communicating between them and the Rhu Hut Plains was needed so they could keep up with fast-changing developments in the growing civilization. Since writing was unknown, messages had to be memorized, then spoken to the receiver. These messages were often long and complex, so the carrier had to be more intelligent than average to understand, remember, and repeat what he had been given.

The trip from the capital city of Hamukulia to any of the valley schools was dangerous and as far as thousands of miles. Most of the country was wild, rugged, unmapped and trailless, and all travel was by foot. It would have been easier to walk from what is now Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts to San Diego, California when America was first discovered than to go from Hamukulia to the school in the Levi Valley.

Even though there was more danger from animals at night, messengers usually traveled then because many people in the valleys were savage and there was less danger of being seen. The human sense of smell then was as sharp as that of animals. It had to be, because a man’s life depended on being able to smell an enemy, animal or human, when he couldn’t see or hear it.

Lemuria's Blue Messengers
They began to dye their bodies blue with certain berries and herbs

Since night travel was dangerous for the messengers, they began to dye their bodies blue with certain berries and herbs. These took away all traces of the human scent, and the blue stain made the messengers almost invisible in the dark starlit nights. Even when the moon was out they could melt into the shadows.

Because those chosen as messengers were highly intelligent with unusual powers of memory, concentration, physical stamina and endurance, this work was prized. To be a messenger was a great distinction, and each one wanted to raise sons to take over this honored and difficult task. After several generations, there was a peculiar change in these children. The skins of both boys and girls developed a bluish tinge and eventually they were born blue and kept this coloring all their lives.

Training for the honor of becoming a Blue Messenger began in infancy. This training, plus all that was learned from the messages they carried, enabled the Blue Messengers to make rapid mental and spiritual progress.

When Lemuria was at the peak of its glory, ambassadors to other countries were always selected from among Blue Messenger families. Almost every director or even assistant director of the Department of Communication was distinguished by his blue skin. Every Emperor depended on Lemuria’s Blue Messengers as ambassadors with the qualities of character and temperament needed to fill these positions. Thousands of years of training qualified them for these positions of great trust where sound judgment and unshakeable integrity were so essential. Distant people came to regard these respected dignitaries from the Motherland as representing what they believed was a blue race.

In time, written communication became common, and later inventions like our radio, television, and more advanced means of communication gradually took the place of physical messengers. But until the collapse of the Mukulian Empire, descendents of Lemuria’s  Blue People seldom married any but blue partners from other messenger families, protecting their hard-won distinction for thousands of years.


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