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The highly polished mirror will not collect dust; the enlightened heart will not attract vices. –– Chinese

Remember when a manual came with your new computer or cell phone, as it does with a new car? It wasn’t that long ago. Of course today we find instructions on the internet, or buy a “for Dummies” book and find out a whole lot more than we ever suspected or even needed.

But where’s the manual for the most complicated machine of all – us? How can anyone expect us to be dropped into this complicated world, innocent and defenseless, without some kind of life manual for getting through the next hundred years or so?

A loving God doesn’t expect us to live a successful life without a life manual. Long before a child can read, talk, or even understand ideas, Lemurian parents are very familiar with their own Lemurian Life Manual and eager to pass on all they have learned to their children.

But at this early stage of the recapitulation of Lemurian culture and society, most of us don’t have the advantage of Lemurian parents. We come from all kinds of backgrounds – highly religious ones, very secular ones, and all shades in between. Most parents wing it, doing the best they can based on what their own parents did, or else trying to do everything they feel their own parents didn’t. So it’s pretty hit and miss.

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All parents teach their children certain laws of life, like the Law of Gravitation

All parents teach their children certain laws of life. The Law of Gravitation is so vital to understand that most of us have an inborn fear of heights to protect us.  Parents try to be sure their children don’t ignore this law, because gravity is self-executing. If you break the law of gravity, even if no one catches you at it, you still reap the repercussions. And this is true for every universal, or God law. But many of these laws don’t always have an immediate effect, so people think they can violate them without consequences.

Take the Law of Compensation, for instance. In simple words, it says there’s no such thing as something for nothing. The Spanish have a proverb for this: “Take what you want, says God, and pay for it.” But people ignore this law all the time. The thief thinks if no one catches him stealing, he’s home free. But if he doesn’t pay for what he takes, Nature takes if from him, sooner or later. Or something unfortunate happens to him as the universe balances the scales.

Because so many universal laws are not well known, less understood, and often completely ignored, most people violate these laws every day. And because Nature always balances things, most people have very little control over their lives and what happens to them. The few who find the Lemurian Philosophy, though, discover that life on earth has a purpose: to advance from ignorance about ourselves and our potential to the point where we can consciously control both our environment and our destiny.

The whole reason for the Lemurian Philosophy is to guide and train us in how to reach this great goal. Our teachers are Lemurians with many years – even lifetimes – of experience using the laws and principles taught in the Lemurian lessons. Their lives are an effort to live as an example of the balance, purpose, and enlightenment possible to anyone who takes the Lemurian Life Manual to heart and uses it to become the best possible person he or she can be.

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