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Living the Universal Dream


Our environment is the exact material arrangement of our thinking – Lemurian Philosophy


Living the Universal Dream
Lemurians at Gateway’s Inspiration Point

For over two centuries, people have been making their way to America, hoping for a better life and believing they could find it here. And whether or not they aspire to the American Dream, people everywhere long for something better, and to be living the Universal Dream.

The yearning for happiness and security in beautiful surroundings is universal. But like a child reaching for the moon, what people reach for seems to elude their grasp. Uncertainty about what we want and how to get it makes it impossible to attain.

Most of us think we know what we’re aiming for. The poor believe if they had enough money, they would be happy. But the wealthy still feel dissatisfied, and try to fill the void with extravagant pleasures. The unwell are sure better health is the answer. But with each dream fulfilled, the unknown and seemingly unattainable still beckon us toward something more.

This longing causes many to turn to Truth, hoping a better understanding of God, the universe, and the unknown will bring meaning to life. When they learn of the Lemurian Masters, who have studied the histories of every human civilization and have evolved a Plan for an ideal society with none of the flaws of our present ones, they want to be part of it.

In building this new civilization, we have thousands of years of experience using our hands and minds to create the entrancing wonders we have today and will have tomorrow. But we have a serious handicap – thousands of years of wrong thinking, destructive ideas and bad habits. We have learned to our sorrow and almost to the point of self-destruction, how to cooperate destructively. Before we can make real progress, we must unlearn and overcome these negative thinking habits.

It is a universal law that we can have and keep only what we ourselves have earned. As long as we keep trying to get something for nothing and place ourselves above the good of others, we will be paying off karmic debts that lead to war and misery, poverty and disease. But as we sincerely work to overcome wrong thoughts and actions, we begin to improve our environment and master ourselves. Thoughts can build all that is good and true and beautiful, just as they have so long been used to tear it down.

To create a beautiful environment we must first build beauty in our thoughts. A wonderful power to create has been given us! And those who sincerely desire to help build the Kingdom of God are recognizing what’s negative and destructive in their own hearts and minds and changing it into what’s positive and constructive. Like the Phoenix, they are rising from the ashes of their old thinking. From their faces radiates the serenity of those who have found that peace which passeth all understanding. Their entire being reflects the power and confidence they’re gaining. Each of them is establishing a personal New World, joining others who are doing the same, gradually expanding their more ideal life. They are living the Universal Dream.

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