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Maya Discovery Verifies Lemurian Revelations

Maya discovery
The Maya showed them carefully hidden ancient temples

Maya civilization was much vaster than known, thousands of newly discovered structures reveal – The Washington Post, February 3rd, 2018

“What does this Maya discovery have to do with the lost continent of Lemuria?” you may ask, and the connection seems quite obscure without the advantage of a little ancient history.

A hundred and twenty years ago the Lemurian Fellowship’s founder, Robert Stelle, then just a teenager, was prospecting with two other Americans when they encountered Mayas in southern Mexico. These people were suspicious of strangers and anyone who spoke Spanish, although they understood the language. This put the trio in a difficult spot because English was almost unknown to the Maya, but they managed to make friends by treating them honestly and respecting their customs.

When they were sure these white men wouldn’t take advantage of them, the Maya showed them carefully hidden ancient temples, some buried under earth and rubble that had been laboriously carried and poured over them by their ancestors to hide them from the Spanish. Robert and his two companions entered one of these buried buildings, encountering two deadly traps they managed to survive, eventually reaching a room they estimated to be 100 feet long and 60 feet wide, its roof supported by beautifully carved stone pillars. The walls were covered with beautifully painted scenes.

The stone floor, Dr. Stelle recalled years later, showed the wear of long usage, having been worn to a depth of a foot or so where people entered and left the room. Considering the hardness of the stone, that it was protected from the elements, and that the feet passing over it were bare or clad only in soft leather moccasins, we can only guess at the age of this building. How great must have been the population of this area?

When Robert and his friends left this hidden building, they carefully closed the entrance with fresh logs covered with dirt to honor their promise to the Maya not to reveal anything they discovered. From that time until they left the country, the Maya were always friendly and helped them carry their equipment until they could find horses.

Eventually, they came across one old Maya priest who took an interest in the young American. Since Robert had picked up only a few Mayan words, and neither he nor the old man was fluent in Spanish, they used an intelligent young Maya who had lived in Texas as an interpreter. Asking that Robert not discuss what he learned with any local Mexicans, the old man told Robert there had once been a great civilization in the now jungle-covered land. He said the time would come when Robert would be able to reconcile these facts with others he would learn, and then he would reveal them to others, adding, “I shall long since have left the flesh by then, my son, and it is well that this history should be revealed as only you may do it.”

Both the old priest and the interpreter had trouble expressing numbers higher than 100, but by using stones to represent ten hundreds, or 1,000, they finally conveyed the time as 46,000 years since the first Mayas, then called Mu Yans, had come to their country as a great army from the “Motherland.”

At the time he heard this, Robert knew nothing of the Continent of Mu or Lemuria. But what he heard stayed with him until much later when he was able to weave together all he had gathered through the years into one coherent history, to which the Elder Brothers added much confirming data. Much of this became part of the Lemurian Philosophy which is available to every sincere Lemurian student, although much also  remains in the Fellowship archives for release at a later time, when humankind are readier for it.

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