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Last month, we announced that we were pausing the Fellowship’s Blog to concentrate on other projects. Then, a draft was submitted by an Order member who has sent only one other blog article in these last six years. It was a good one, and we think this one is too. We hope you like it.

There is no such thing as chance, and what seems to us the merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny. – Shiller

I was having one of those days that start out well but by 4:00 p.m. things were sadly out of kilter.

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed emotionally and decided to try to have an attunement and ask for some guidance.

As usual, I began with the Protective Prayer, and then asked my question. I needed a confidence boost more than anything, so I simply asked for something that would make me feel better and more organized.

No sooner was my request launched into the ethers when my office door opened and our dog Winnie walked purposefully into the room.

As family dogs do, she was making her rounds though the house to check on everyone and make sure we were OK.

She walked right up to my chair, looked at me, stretched leisurely and nudged my leg. That’s her way of saying she wants to kiss my hand.

She did that, then performed that unique dog shake that works its way down from head to foot, as much as to say, “OK, I’m done here.”

She turned then, and walked out the door.

Can you imagine my resulting emotions and sensation of being at-one with the Great Ones?

Resting up for the next assignment

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