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Precipitation Finds a Life Partner

I seemed to feel each experience more intensely since the choices were mine alone

Away from home and on my own in college I seemed to feel each experience more intensely since the choices were mine alone. Dating brought its excitement as well as heartaches, but gradually I reached a point of discouragement as I realized the guys I was dating weren’t ones I could visualize a future with.

As a Lemurian, I knew how to use the Law of Precipitation to bring desired conditions into my life. But could I find a life partner with precipitation?

There are six steps of the precipitation process, each vital to success. The first and most important  is intense desire, and that I certainly had. And an unwavering desire made it easier to do whatever was needed to fulfill the other steps.

The second step is visualizing the desired object, so that was my next job. I started a journal of the qualities in friends and family members that I wanted in a spouse. It was hard to pinpoint these at first, but in time I came up with quite a specific list. He would need to be thoughtful, generous, intelligent, hard-working, open-minded . . . and as the list came together, I started feeling optimistic about meeting someone!

Every romantic relationship led me back to my list to see if I had encountered traits to add or delete, knowing I was on a path leading me somewhere wonderful.

The other four steps of precipitation were also on my mind and carefully carried out during these interesting weeks and months.

I knew I would have the help of the Masters who watch over us and extend their aid when we have done our best, and I tried to compensate them by helping others around me. All these things, I knew, were part of the journey toward the important and life-changing goal I was trying to reach. And I knew it would work out for my greatest good as long as I was doing my part.

One day I agreed to a blind date that left me intrigued. A few dates in, it was clear I had found someone special who possessed traits most important to me, and I realized I was falling in love. We married a year later.

I often think about my list and all the time I spent carefully choosing the characteristics and visualizing my life with this very special person, and actively seeking him. By using what the Lemurian Philosophy taught me, and finding a life partner with precipitation, I changed frustration into optimism and created the positive experience I most desired in my life.

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