Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

In Closing

We have tried to stir your innermost longings, awaken dormant desires, and show you the wonder of all that can be yours.

The next step is up to you. What will be your choice – your decision?

What will you do with the unusual opportunity you now hold in your hands?

Opportunities such as this come rarely in the course of our ongoing. If we let them pass, who knows when they will come again?

The longer we wait, the greater the inertia we must overcome.

In the unseen background of human affairs, the Great Ones stand ready to guide the footsteps of all who sincerely seek unfoldment.

The Elder Brothers are prepared to help us rise above self-imposed limitations that inhibit our progress and dull our full enjoyment of life.

Will you accept the challenge to become a better person – to make yourself a truer example of what the Creator had in mind when you were endowed with life?

Do this today, and your future can hold for you a life of peace, happiness, and wellbeing beyond your fondest hopes and dreams.

Though we live in an age of seeming miracles, enjoying comforts, conveniences, and pleasures unknown in recorded history, the security and peace of mind which would enable us to fully appreciate and enjoy them are elusive. Insecurity and unhappiness have grown to such magnitude that it has become a problem of universal concern. Amid chaos and uncertainty, fear and misery, we seek blindly for a way that will enable us to correct the situation. But it is too vast, and we meet with only frustration.

Because the situation facing us is of even greater significance than the average individual believes it to be, we are being accorded help from Divine Sources. In times of greatest danger, God always extends the assistance we need if humanity will only recognize and avail itself of it.

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