Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.


The Fellowship is in search of people who want to improve themselves and build a better world. We seek people whose intense desire to progress finds them eager to meet their challenges in down-to-earth ways, and are not expecting long-term gains for short-term efforts.

Are you one who wants to fulfill your God-given
purpose in life?

The Lemurian Course of Study is taught in 12 comprehensive lessons by mail and online, along with Secure Messaging. Each lesson is sent by mail and accessed online upon successful completion of the previous lesson. They are designed for learning by doing at your pace, taking four weeks or more for each lesson.

Write to request the prologue, first chapter and syllabus of
Lesson One.

Or find it online at

“The Lemurian Philosophy is helping me understand where I want to go and how to get there using universal laws and principles.” – Oleg

A $50.00 registration fee is required upon enrollment, and includes Lesson One. Tuition is $35.00 per subsequent lesson. Tuition includes free standard shipping of lessons in the US. A nominal fee for shipping is requested for those outside the US.

The first lesson comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Enrollment and tuition fees can be paid securely via PayPal to: or by check or money order in US dollars.

Do you have a desire to become a Lemurian student?

Email to request an Enrollment Application or go to

Or write to:

Lemurian Fellowship
PO Box 397
Ramona CA 92065

Your answers to the Application will help us get to know you. If it seems advisable, we may suggest other material for you to read. This will help you become more familiar with Lemurian ideals and principles, and the Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood.

Note: All enrollments are accepted on a probationary basis. This is because it often takes a few months for a student to grasp the essence of the Great Work well enough to understand where he or she is going – and why. And, during this time, the Fellowship is generally able to ascertain if the student is really prepared to accept the challenge of what we hope will soon be realized as the greatest opportunity you have ever been offered.

“What I felt was needed was a practical as well as a spiritual approach to day-today living. Happily I found it through the Lemurian Philosophy.” – Sharon

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