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The Lemurian Fellowship

The Lemurian Fellowship is located on a hillside along State Highway 67, five miles southwest of the town of Ramona, and thirty miles inland from San Diego.

In selecting this beautiful valley as the focal point for their mundane operations, the Elder Brothers gave assurance that it would prove ideal for its intended purpose, and so it has.

It is close to a major city, yet far enough away to be free from the distractions and influences of urban life. Ramona’s climate compares favorably with the most desirable anywhere.

The Fellowship’s 60-acre property includes offices for administration and the teaching personnel, housing for the Fellowship staff, and a maintenance shop. A community complex known as Rhu House includes a chapel, group dining room and lounge, a large kitchen, laundry, storage and utility rooms, an office, and carports.

As the outer preparatory school through which the Lemurian Brotherhood releases its teaching, the Fellowship is not composed of Elder Brothers. It has access to only those portions of the Brotherhood‘s priceless knowledge as they see fit to release to us.

Knowing the desperate attempts that would be made to seize this treasured Wisdom of the Ages if its location were known, the Elder Brothers have chosen this way of releasing it.

Administration of the Lemurian Program rests in the hands of its Board of Governors, which is responsible for the proper conduct of all Fellowship affairs.

The Lemurian Fellowship is a nonprofit, non-stock, religious organization, incorporated under the laws and statutes of the State of California.

Within this type of organization, no individual or group of persons can profit financially from the operations of the corporation or its subsidiaries. Any pecuniary gain resulting from the Fellowship activity must redound to the benefit of the whole.

The two Lemurian Fellowship properties and all that may be seen on them are consecrated to the Great Work of those kindly, tolerant Elder Brothers who so patiently guide humankind along the Path toward a better, happier, and more secure life.

Selecting personnel for the two staffs is a matter of careful screening and approval by the Board of Governors. The high standards of conduct and ability required of teachers and other staff members are set by the Elder Brothers who guide the Work. The Fellowship can do no less than seek to abide by the Plan they have so thoughtfully established.


Visitors to the Fellowship are met by a staff member and usually given some literature in accordance with the degree of their interest.

Phone inquirers are sent information, encouraged to visit our Website, and to write as their best source of help from the Fellowship.

While Lemurian student visits are advisable from time to time, their scheduling usually orginates with the Fellowship, and plans are always made well in advance. When a student or Order member seeks an interview, arrangements need to be made ahead of time.

Upon these grounds peace, serenity, and quiet reign. Here, all are equal, each devoting his or her life to serving the Work and ever striving to exemplify those eternal Christ principles leading to the true Kingdom of God on earth.

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