Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

The Lemurian Brotherhood And The Great Work

People have repeatedly tried to free themselves from their troubles without lasting success. The Masters realized guidance was needed to help them understand and use the laws which govern all creation. They studied the situation, eventually developing a Plan that all agreed was essential.

Having kept and studied the records of all civilizations from the Lemurian to the present, the Lemurian Brotherhood has the knowledge necessary to build a social structure where people will enjoy freedom from pain and oppression, and the happiness and security that spring from lasting peace.

By educating and training people to solve their own problems, the Lemurian Brotherhood plans to recreate the way of life enjoyed in the Mukulian Empire.


As it was then, this New Order will be a cooperative society guided by ideals based on Christ’s original teachings. This will be the most advanced human society of all time, restoring all that was good in previous civilizations, plus the knowledge and wisdom gained through 78,000 years of experience.

The forthcoming New Order will not fail. Citizenship will be granted only to those who are properly prepared to assume the responsibilities of such an honor. Every factor that contributed to the decline and downfall of previous civilizations will have its checkmate. Citizenship in the coming society will not be inherited; it will be earned.

By educating and training the less skilled, then providing equal opportunity for full employment according to the ability of the individual to serve, every incentive for personal advancement will be provided. Each citizen will be rewarded according to performance.

All citizens will be vitally interested in the government, which will be for, of, and by the citizenry, and only those properly trained will hold office. Poverty will be unknown and safeguards against corruption built in. There will be little incentive for crime in an economic system based on the truth that as each individual prospers, the society prospers, and as the society prospers, each citizen prospers.

The New Order will embrace men and women of every background and creed who understand and abide by the beneficial rules God laid out for our welfare and protection. The Golden Rule will govern all human conduct.


Anticipating the skepticism such a plan would meet, the Elder Brothers erected the Great Pyramid of Gizeh some six thousand years ago. Here, in stone, they foretold every major event in subsequent human history.

The date for entry into the King’s Chamber – September 16, 1936 – is most important to us. “Entrance to the King’s Chamber” signifies the beginning of the Great Work of preparing the citizenry for the Kingdom of God that Christ promised, and which the Great Seal of the United States refers to as Novus Ordo Seclorum, or NEW ORDER OF THE AGES.

On September 16, 1936 the Lemurian Fellowship was inaugurated under the auspices of the Lemurian Brotherhood.


Christ’s teachings do work and the Elder Brothers are making available to all a program which sets forth His Teachings in ways that allow people to gradually prove them in their lives. By using the Lemurian Philosophy you can experience for yourself the beauty of living by the laws of God and nature. Gradually, through time-tested steps, you can make your life what it should be for every man, woman, and child in a civilization worthy of the name.

Building toward a true and lasting civilization is a huge task. Many generations will be required before it will reach its fruition. But like the longest journey which must start with a single step, the Great Work of integrating a New Order of the Ages has begun. Those who hope to share in its benefits as qualified citizens now stand at the door of opportunity. The Lemurian Training is designed to prepare you for what lies ahead.

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